Wanna Make God Laugh?

Wanna Make God Laugh?


Wanna Make God Laugh?

Turn to her when you’ve exhausted every other option.

When science and medicine can’t find the cure.

When all YOUR best efforts have hit the skids.

When you’re struggling with addiction, depression or grief.

Why is it, that when all else fails we say: Well, NOW it’s in God’s hands.

Maybe… it could have been handed over in the first place.
At the start.

I’m guessing that the Energy that creates worlds and David Beckham, can help us with our dilemmas.

How about you?

BTW: She’s not laughing AT us, She just thinks we’re a hoot.

Big Hugs,

*I also wanted to give a shout out and express my deepest gratitude to all the countries who have become part of my tribe.
This is a snapshot of the global reach this simple blog has had for the week so far.
Isn’t that CRAZY!?
If you ask yourself, I’m only one person, what can one person do? Here’s your answer.
Thank you Mauritania, Kuwait and Algeria, you’re new viewers this week. Welcome.
I LOVE you all SO MUCH! Thank you!

United States 1,358
Philippines 95
United Kingdom 45
Australia 25
Canada 23
Sri Lanka 10
France 9
Brazil 8
Ireland 7
Kuwait 7
Saudi Arabia 7
Bangladesh 5
Pakistan 5
Germany 5
United Arab Emirates 5
Russian Federation 4
South Africa 4
Guatemala 4
Mauritania 3
India 3
Portugal 2
Italy 2
Algeria 2
Greece 2
Mexico 2
Poland 2
Switzerland 1
Sweden 1
Luxembourg 1
Norway 1
Netherlands 1
Iceland 1
Indonesia 1
Venezuela 1
Turkey 1
Romania 1
Japan 1
Colombia 1
Liberia 1
Morocco 1
Kenya 1
Malaysia 1
Austria 1


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