You’re Human, It’s Okay.


“When there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.”

My hike-nazi friend and I talk about this ALL. THE. TIME.

Taking responsibility for your own shit.

It is a fucking Jedi-Yoda-Mother Theresa-Dalai Lama type of acquired skill that makes finger pointing, blame and victimhood obsolete.

Sound hard?
As hard as you think it is—it’s harder.

Sometimes the problem is YOU. Ouch.

Imagine how our legal system would shift, not to mention our politics!

When you begin to practice looking at yourself through this unfiltered lens, I can’t tell you how incredibly good you get at apologising—I can’t even! And mostly to yourself—in the mirror.

“I’m sorry you’re a dick today” I’ll say. Then the reflection answers back “You’re human, it’s okay. Try to do better.

Then I open some Nutella and spread it all over anything I can find and lament how my mom made me this way.  Bahahaha! Snort-laugh! Just kidding mom!

Carry on,


What It Takes To Have An Extraordinary Life ~ Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo

“I don’t have to settle. I don’t have to tolerate the life I have, even if it’s good. I want great, magnificent, and outstanding.”

Take the time to watch this.
SO good.
It’s summer. You have time.
I’m not kidding!

PS. There’s naughty language used, wear your headphones if kids are around.

Carry on,


Married To Crazy and Morbid Curiosity


I’m just going to come right out and say it: my husband’s ex-wife died on Saturday of meanness exacerbated by crazy cancer.

It should have a certain amount of…what?…What emotion am I searching for? Sadness? Closure? Relief? attached to it if it weren’t for the fact that she was in prison…for murder. First-degree murder.

Good. I have your attention.

Late last year we heard through the grapevine (because a story like this is just too juicy and implausible to stay geographically contained), that his ex of nearly twenty years had shot a young man dead in her kitchen. The exact details are still pretty sketchy, and due to the fact that he was clearly a victim of bad choices, one of them being wrong place/wrong time, and the other—finding himself on the shot-gun end of her bad side—I will leave this stranger-than-fiction story of cold-blooded murder at that.

Oh, except to say that she held the sheriff’s and SWAT at bay for nine hours by shooting at them while barricaded inside of the house with the dead body.

That explains the five counts of attempted murder.

After her decision to surrender was helped along by a canister of tear-gas, she was hauled off to jail where they found out she was extremely ill (in every way imaginable. Their words, not mine), so arraignment was delayed because it looked like she wouldn’t live long enough to stand trial.

She went into remission long enough to cause trouble in prison. Seriously? Cause trouble in prison?
If I have a head cold I’m too uncomfortable to stand up for myself at the DMV, yet she’s rowdy enough to have all of her priveledges revoked. What?

Here’s why I’m telling you all of this.

When I met my husband for the first time on a blind date he said his ex-wife was crazy.
I rolled my eyes.
He said she tried to kill him.
I sighed and looked at my watch.
He explained how he had left their ranch one night with basically the clothes on his back.

If you date long enough this kind of ex-bashing plays like a broken record. I’d say ninety percent of the men I dated, by their account, had certifiable ex-wives.

I can be fairly certain that’s one of the nicest things my ex says about me!

I pegged him as a wolf-cryer, that is until a few friends corroborated his stories—and I saw Gone Girl.

So, on Monday when we heard that she had died, my husband contacted her brother. The sane one.
The one who knew that husband had been forced to cut and run and never looked back—and he totally understood why (actually she told everyone Raphael was dead. Are you creeped out yet?)

“You’re welcome to come by the ranch on Friday to see if there’s anything you want”, her brother, now the executor, offered graciously.

He was seriously considering it. Looking at his calendar to see how easy it would be to clear his schedule.

“I’m coming with you!”, I volunteered. I was curious. I wanted to see where this woman lived and the big log house my husband had built with his own two hands—and then been pushed far enough to just walk away from.

Almost the moment I said it I wanted to suck the words back in like they do in the cartoons. I got an enormous sinking feeling in my gut and not the good kind that gives you a flat stomach—the sickening kind.

What was my motivation?

To be supportive? To be helpful? To end my week with a road trip?

Sure. All of those things. But when I dug deeper I had to admit—my main motivation was morbid curiosity.

It has been my experience, learned in hindsight, that nothing good can come when the motivation is MORBID curiosity.

How does this add to my life?
How does this drive my life forward?

Those are the questions we ask ourselves now. Finally!

We are both trying to have less and less of those Shit, I shouldn’t have done that, gone there, said that, moments.

In order to do that, we have to ask ourselves those two questions over and over again, sometimes twenty times a day. (Well, I do, I’m a slow learner).

How does this add to my life?
How does this drive my life forward?

Morbid curiosity can’t stand up to cross-examination.
What was I thinking? What were WE thinking?

That ranch is not a feel-good place. In fact, it’s worse than just the bad juju his ex spread all over the place, and her lousy choice in drapes—it’s the scene of a murder.

The other feeling, the ‘I want my stuff! The stuff I left behind but I haven’t thought about it in twenty years’ feeling—that’s not great motivation either.

You have to ask yourself why you suddenly care so goddamn much.

One percent sentimentality.
One percent nostalgia.
One percent schadenfruede.
Ninety-seven percent morbid curiosity.

We not going to the ranch. Neither of us.

We both decided that a trip up there would add absolutely ZERO to our quality of life, not to mention the fact that there’s not enough sage in the world to cleanse the bad juju off anything we might bring back.

We both felt lighter. Better. Closure.

Damn this conscious living thing takes a lot of consciousness! Who knew!

Carry on,


Let’s Take Care of Each Other


Carry on,


Fratty, Bougie and a Shitshow


Oh hello, friends.

Many out there are exhibiting very bad behavior. Have you noticed?

It has been my observation in recent weeks that tempers are as flared as the bottom of my high school jeans.

It is hot, hot, hot out there. Like surface-of-the-sun hot (again like my low-rise, bell bottom, teenage jeans!)

I’m making light of it because, really, what else can we do? I mean besides be kind, chant, eat, pray, love… and vote.

Other times you just have to ignore it. Pay it no mind. Diffuse it by your lack of attention to it.

Case in point:

Fratty, I’m calling him that because that is the nicest thing I could think of to call him. The same goes for his friend/date who we will call…Bougie.

Listen, I’m not usually a name caller, you know that. But that day not only did I have to bite my tongue in order not to add fuel to the catastrofuck, I literally shoved my fist in my mouth to keep from going full Tourettes on these two.

Fratty and Bougie arrived together. I’m guessing to have some food, although, starting a street brawl may have been on their agenda too, judging by their horrible dispositions.

Fratty, who’s real name was Todd, (too pedestrian for this story), looked like he just got off the train to Hogwarts. Or Harvard. In the 1950’s. Think Dead Poet’s Society.

Like I always say, ‘there’s nothing more dangerous than a frat boy looking for a fight.’

All of that testosterone and repressed sexuality are shaken up to form a cocktail of rude insecurity, stirred with entitlement.

He waited while Bougie decided to redecorate the cafe, moving tables and chairs into the aisle and then dragging them over to a large bank of windows for a better view.
Nice idea.
Wish I would have though to do it.
Just one small caveat. They were blocking a door.

“I’m sorry you can’t sit there”, said the waitress with a funny look on her face as she realized it was no mistake, they were seriously sitting in front of a door to the patio.

“I’m sorry you’re ugly”, remarked Fratty, his face buried in the menu. Bougie didn’t hear him, she was talking loudly on her phone as she pulled bag after tiny yellow bag of Splenda out of her Louis Vuitton purse.

“Oh waitress!” she bellowed, “Ice tea! Pronto! Por favor!”

I have no idea why she tacked the Spanish onto her demand—it felt like an insult.

My friend and I just looked at each other in awe. Then things got worse.

Bougie threw off her skin-tone, five-inch high, patent leather pumps and put her feet up on the table, oblivious, while her fingers texted so fast they were invisible to the naked eye.

An older gentleman walked by and spoke in a low voice “Young lady, you should never put your feet where you eat”.

“Chill out, grandpa” snarked Fratty.
“Yeah, mind your own Goddamn business old man!” and with that Bougie lifted her designer skirt and plopped her bare ass on the table.

You could hear a pin drop.

The old mad shuffled away, appalled.

I was appalled. I think we all were. (I have to say, sadly, that feeling appalled by what someone says or does is feeling more and more familiar these days.)

Several people were standing on the other side of the glass door to the patio trying to figure out why a table and two people were blocking their exit.

Fratty and Bougie pretended not to notice.
The stranded people knocked and yelled. Then they found another way out.

People started to get up and leave.

I leaned forward, “Let’s get outta here”, I whispered to my friend. Right that minute our food showed up. The waitresses gaze was glued to the shitshow next to the patio, her eyes filled with fear. “We called the manager”, she confided.

Fratty started to yell, startling everyone within earshot. “Where’s our fucking waiter? I want a beer! The service here SUCKS!”

A mother gathered her two grade-school age kids and started toward the exit but was forced to run/walk past the shitshow on her way out.

“BOO!!!” yelled Bougie at the top of her lungs, causing one of the kids to jump out of her skin.

“Should I call the police?”, the terrified waitress asked us like we would know the right answer.

I’m telling you, it’s the gray hair. Apparently, gray hair denotes wisdom—I’ll have to get on that.
I’m not sure how wise I looked wth my own fist shoved halfway down my throat to keep myself quiet. I knew it was no use confronting them. It would only escalate things.

A couple of guys in their early thirties went over and said something on their way out. Fratty cursed a blue streak and Bougie threw her shoe at the guys as they left.

Those two guys could have beaten Fratty to a pulp. I was secretly hoping they would. The restraint they showed was remarkable.

Everyone who decided to stay eventually blocked them out like you do when a child throws a tantrum on an airplane.

Soon, the shock value wore off and nobody was paying them any attention.

When the manager showed up, a dignified man in his mid-to-late fifties, he unceremoniously kicked them out.

He pulled the table away from the door, flatware jumping in every direction. He propped the door open, pulled Bougie’s chair out from under her all the while calmly telling them to leave.
Refusing them service.

“But we’re hungry! We want some food!”, whined Bougie.
“I’m going to fuck you on Yelp”, screamed Fratty. (That’s why I hate Yelp reviews.)

“You didn’t come here to eat. You came in here to make trouble. Get out!”

With that, the entire room erupted into applause and with a minimum of fanfare… the shitshow left the building.

I think these days we’re all learning to navigate a “new normal”. Tempers are frayed. Frustration reigns supreme. People are killing each other for no reason (not that there was ever a good enough reason for me), so we have to exercise restraint.

Stay peaceful amid the chaos.
Okay? (I’m talking to myself here as much as you guys!)

Carry on,


The Tao of Lady Gaga

A reader sent me this video thinking I would be able to relate. I’m sorry it took me so long to view it! I love it—and the message.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga, you have to admit she’s an original—and I think an amazing talent.

But even SHE fell into the trap that fame sets for the sensitive creatives out there.
Forget fame.
Society can seduce you with its trappings. Wealth. Recognition. Social media “likes”.

It wants to define us. Tell us Who We Are.

It builds us up to tear us down.

Someone wise asked me recently, “How far are you willing to go to make a name for yourself? Who will you hurt? Your husband? Your friends? Yourself?”

Something to think about.

Stay centered. Stay unique. Stay honest.

I believe in you.

Carry on,

“You can’t imagine not being able to find joy. Hating yourself. No matter how much success you have, no matter how many opportunities, fame, fortune, no matter how many accept you to your face, the person that really needs to accept you is you.”

“I realized that part of my identity is saying no to things I don’t wanna do. … It is your right to choose what you do and don’t do. It is your right to choose what you believe in and don’t believe in. It is your right to curate your life and your own perspective.”

“I started to say no. Nope, no, I’m not doing that. Then slowly but surely, I started to remember who I am. That person doesn’t just say yes, they have integrity.”

“No one can define who you are. I’ll be myself until they fucking close the coffin.”

~Lady Gaga

Amen, sister.


Unity. Inclusion. The Human Race. Hearts United.


I didn’t know this.

Did you?

Carry on,


Stay Soft Saturday


Sounds counterintuitive. Right?

But if we armour up, we fall prey to exactly what the cruel ones want. We turn on each other…

What a fucking nightmare of a week this has been.

But remember.

The world is not cruel. Only a few.

Say that again.

The WORLD is not cruel—only an angry few who view things as so hopeless that they see no way out other than violence.

Anger is sad’s bodyguard, remember?

Be courageous. Try to stay in your heart.

Get angry—then get back to your heart.

Be sad—then find your way back to your heart.

Feel hopeless—then search for love. That’s what I’m attempting this weekend.

Carry on,


LOVE Anyway ~ Flashback


This is from 2014 but hey, I think we could all use the reminder. LOVE anyway!
Carry on,

Dear Hearts,
Have you ever loved someone so deeply you thought you might die?

That you would become immersed, completely consumed and drown in the depths of that feeling of connection?

Have you loved so intensely that it made your toes curl, your hair go straight, your skin glow, your fingernails grow, your personality improve, and your temper take a hiatus?

Did you get thinner and more beautiful just because that love permeated every cell of your being? (Also because you were so lovesick you couldn’t eat.)

Did you love so completely that you had the superpowers of infinite selflessness, the need for virtually no sleep, and constant adorable-ness?

Did that love make you a better person?

Could you tell a better story? Suddenly remember the end of jokes? Cook the perfect omelet? Remember birthdays? Balance your checkbook? Say please and thank you? Sleep without drooling? Laugh when things were funny, cry when they were sad?

Were you able to be unfiltered, unguarded and uncensored because of that love?

Did the constant sex render your face more open, your eyes more loving and your skin softer?
It does that you know.

When you loved so intensely — wasn’t the world a better place?

You didn’t care about lines and traffic, they just gave you more time to get lost in thoughts of your beloved.

When that love intoxicated you, wasn’t everyone beautiful?

Didn’t that homeless guy and the lady on the bus stop want to make you weep, because suddenly you had new eyes that were able to see their soul?

Love does that too.

When that love ended—did you regret you had ever felt it?


Love, love, love, 



Stop Poking Me With A Stick!


Really? Wow! That explains so much!

Just to clarify:
Let’s say you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless, not clear on what your purpose in life is. You’re in good company — most people are in the same boat.

Aren’t you happy to know that?

You just thought you felt like shit for no reason. Now you know, discontent is one of the early symptoms!

It’s doing you a favor, trying to get your attention. I know this from personal experience.
I have the black and blue poke marks to prove it!

Please don’t do what I do—do what I advise. Pay attention.

That is the end of today’s Public Service Announcement.

Carry on,

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