Remembering What You’re Good At!

Remembering What You’re Good At!

You all carry with you qualities and talents
that you have mastered over many lifetimes.
That knowledge never leaves your soul, 
it is just forgotten, buried under that heavy veil,
that let’s you pretend to be you this time around.

In this new energy it is easier to retrieve those gifts,
and use them in your present, to make life easier and more enjoyable.
Doesn’t that make sense?
Why would you accumulate wisdom and talent, 
only to die and have to start all over again!
That was then, and this is now!

Some of the children are showing you how it’s done.
Great musicians, scientists, scholars, teachers, and poets
are all returning and picking up where they left off!
They learn to walk and talk much earlier than most,
and they just get on with it! 

You don’t have to be literally re born to remember,
you can have your rebirth here and now.
Start asking before you go to sleep to go and look thru
your own library of talents,
of what you are good at and have mastered.
Then pick the ones you think could serve you now, 
and bring them back, and remember them

Do it when you meditate, when you walk,when you drive.

Remove your doubt about this, 
you know you have these abilities, 
and some of you are struggling in this life, with things you
wrote books about and taught in your past.
Stop that!


Things are different now! 
remember what you’re good at,
and go INSIDE and get it!


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