About Me And You


Hi there!
First and foremost let me say how freakin’ giddy and unabashedly thrilled and honored I am that you are here!

Now let’s get down to why we’re here

Has everything spiritual just seemed so damn serious to you?
Do you find yourself loving the message, but not the delivery?
Too dry?
Too boring?
Too intense?
No fun at all?
Me too!

I want to laugh or at least smile as I learn.
I want some real stories, from a real person, with real struggles, problems, mistakes, and failures.

I want them short and I want them funny.
You too?
Well, you’re in the right place! I call this Spiritual Humor.

I am the Vessel of Divine Mischief, the Holy Troublemaker (Thank you Caroline Myss)

It seems I’ve hit middle age, found my voice (I never could stop talking) but now I can’t stop writing.

I offer you my accrued knowledge gained over 35 plus years of seeking. This includes mistakes, not so pretty face plants, mishaps, and journeys that lead to beautiful insights.

Like they do.

But mostly this ravenous seeking led to stories. Many, many stories. Some in the form of tapas; small plates of yummy zen-like insights. Others weave their tall tales.

Some of it comes in the form of poetry (what?) but most comes with a healthy dose of humor and some f-bombs…just because.

Nothing is taken too seriously here, and the easily offended need not apply.

It’s all authentically me, my observations, my stories, no holding back; no bullshit; no hiding; no kidding.

This is the blog I always wanted to read, so I had to create it. I hope you like it too!
xox Janet Bertolus




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