SNL Nailed It!

SNL Nailed It!

So, you guys, I saw this on Saturday and I almost choked on my mouthful of M&M’s.

It perfectly re-enacts every dinner party, birthday party, and gathering of four or more thinking, breathing adults I’ve been at the past few months.

Five of us tried to talk abut this skit Sunday and I have to tell you, I tiptoed around the edges of the topic and the laughter was nervous. WTF?

The complexities (and there are complexities) —areas other than black or white—of the #metoo #timesup movement have become conversational hot potatoes.

Uncomfortable? You bet.
Worthy of discussion? Absolutely!
Time for change? Long overdue!
Funny as hell? You be the judge?

Maybe we all need to lighten up even if it’s for just four minutes.

Carry on,


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