If You Want To Improve Your Life ~ Practice GRATITUDE

If You Want To Improve Your Life ~ Practice GRATITUDE

Hi Y’all,
This is a beautiful short film which I encourage you to take a moment to watch.

If you’re at work, gather your pals around at lunch.
If you want to have a better day, watch it before you leave the house.
If you had a crap day, lose yourself in it before you go to bed.

We all forget to practice gratitude. I’m the worst!

Even though I’d classify myself as an optimist, I can pick a nit from here to eternity!
You want to know what’s wrong wth something? Ask me. I’ll tell ya.

THAT ladies and gentleman is NOT gratitude. Far from it. That is what I’m calling: Mind flatulence—A lot of hot air with no substance!

Whenever I remember how lucky I am to have been born on this planet at this time in history, it makes me weep.

Let this short film do that for you. Let it help you remember. Let it fill you with gratitude.

I love you all,
Carry on,


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