I Resist Nothing

I Resist Nothing


I Resist Nothing

Not the traffic,
Not the weather,
Not the donut left on my desk.

Not the automated email reply,
Not the snarky parking guy,
Not the dog/child underfoot who’s a pest.

I Resist Nothing

Not pushing a door that says pull,
Not my itchy sweater made of wool,
Not taking that f*cking DMV test.
Not the annoying voice of the lady in line,
Not letting the guy with one item take his turn before mine,
Not that second glass of wine.

I Resist Nothing

Not the desire to take a nap,
Not the last-minute changes to my schedule,
Not taking an extra minute to linger in the rays of the warm sun.

Not the urge to cry when the movie ends,
Not the advise,
Not the compliment,
Not taking the time to have coffee with a friend.

I Resist Nothing

I can be the Queen of resistance. I’m an equal opportunity resistor.
The good AND the bad, so I’m just asking myself, who wins when I do that?

What are you resisting and why?
Carry on,


  • Kerri Johnson says:

    So…..how do you not resist?

    • jbertolus says:

      Hey Kerri,
      It’s being aware of the fact that you’re doing it (which usually manifests as feeling frustrated, angry or miserable) and making another choice. A decision to feel better.
      Eat the fucking donut. Let the guy go ahead of you in line. Realize that the woman with the irritating voice has to hear herself talk all day, every day. You can stand it for five more minutes. It’s the resistance that makes us miserable, not the situation.
      I had a migraine yesterday and I had to keep reminding myself not to resist the pain. When I do that it just intensifies, like a spoiled child trying to get my attention. That’s what made me write the post. I resist nothing…ahhhh…the pain doesn’t go away, it changes. My shoulders relax, my jaw drops a bit, and it gets tolerable…until it’s not and I have to go back to bed. If you don’t think I had resistance to that…well…it’s an on going work in progress. Hope that clarified it a little.

      • Kerri Johnson says:

        Ok got it. Sounds easier said then done but I will keeping plugging away at it! Thanks for the reminder.


  • Nancy says:

    I’m resisting doing my writing for the day (and getting ahead a day like I always say I will but then never do). But I always miss your posts when you take a day off from writing, and that motivates me to post something for the day, no matter how late I get to it. Glad you are back. (Time to quit fucking off and go get my post for the day done!)

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