The Fast Track –– Remembering vs Learning

The Fast Track –– Remembering vs Learning



Hey guys,
So…Going out on a limb here.
This is going to be an interesting post. More Woo-woo than most.
If you’re like me, I think most of you will find it interesting at the least, and take it with a grain of salt (and some dark chocolate) if it doesn’t resonate with you.

Here’s the deal. I get emails and follow a few very esoteric “teachers” you might say. Their information comes in the form of channeling or meditations, or just being kick-ass energy interpreters.

Believe it or not, I’m actually pretty discerning; so I read what they have to say, and then I sit with it –– to see how it feels. I like to think I have a finely tuned BS meter.

For the last few months they’ve all been saying the same thing, more or less, and I LOVE when that happens, so for me that’s confirmation.

There are a handful that I have followed since the early 1980’s and pretty much everything they’ve written about has come to pass, so they’ve earned their credibility with me.
Their information is always positive. Without exception.
I can watch CNN if I want to hear otherwise, right?

I remember way back when, hearing them talk about things like yoga, meditation and esoteric teachings becoming mainstream. Things that at the time were very fringe, they felt would be everywhere, even on TV! They predicted it over and over again and each time I scoffed, knowing that it was bullshit, and would never come to pass…Hello, Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Abraham Hicks, Hay House, Oprah and Super Soul Sunday!

They also used to talk about technology “downloads” where the influx of energy with regard to triggering certain advances in technology, say like personal computers, (one in every household, like a television –– even handheld computers) was happening at the time. This also sounded like so much bullshit to me back in 1988.
If they’d only been more specific and told me to buy Apple stock!

So now here they go again, and now I have a blog with which to share it.

I think it’s fascinating information and it’s been going around since the end of 2014, and looks to still be on track to come in around March.

So here’s the scuttlebutt on the spiritual streets these days:

There is an influx of energy that is expected to come in, starting in March, that will begin to help us out –– and here’s how:
The human brain only uses a percentage of it’s potential. That’s been agreed upon, right? Some say ten percent and other studies have determined that it’s more like 30-ish percent.

What if the rest of it was storage? Ideas, thoughts, languages, great works and skills we’ve mastered over lifetimes lived on this planet. We’ve all heard about the guy who suffers a traumatic brain injury who then wakes up speaking a foreign language he never knew – fluently. Or the hit on the head that unleashes a previously unknown mathematical genius, or a prolific writer. What if it caused a person to begin to paint – masterpieces. Its happened.

How about children who are born knowing how to read? Or others that play piano or the violin like a virtuoso by the age of three, solve complicated math theories, or remember who they were before they were born?
How could they know that stuff? Does that accumulated information and wisdom remain stored in our brains, waiting to be “remembered” at some opportune time? Are these children simply fast tracking, remembering skills in order to bypass the usual eighteen years it takes the rest of us to come online?

So, it’s about timing, right?
The time was right for the tech downloads, a few people around the globe picked up on them and UNDERSTOOD them, and within twenty years (which is the blink of an eye in the scheme of things) we all got Smartphones.

Now the timing is right for a “remembering” energy influx or download, tapping into the brain storage, and even upping brain capacity in a few short years into the forty percentile.

So what would that look like you ask? Apparently, it will start off slow and only if you want it (remember, free will, not everyone invented iPhones) and put simply –– you’ll get really good at stuff. Things you already excel at will get so much easier and better, and supposedly, we could all start consciously bringing forward other things we want to excel at.

Remembering feels different from learning. It’s cleaner, faster and easier.

Want to have a facility with foreign language? Want to retain what you read and listen to with ease? Want to write a book when you’ve never written a grocery list? (I can relate to that one.) Want to ace mathematics, cooking and public speaking? It’s probably all in there, in that storage facility called your brain.

I’d love to think that this is true, to believe that all things are possible, that we can begin to tap into that warehouse of knowledge when we need it, that the energy will allow all of use to fast track, not just a special few.

Don’t you? Hey,why not? Because otherwise, really, what’s the point? Are we here to learn something over, and over and over again?

Let’s all wait and see, I’d LOVE for them to prove me wrong…again.

If this made you laugh or upset you in any way, just forget about it –– oppps, too late, you can’t unknow something…

Carry On,

  • Les says:

    doe – ray – me – fah – so – la -tee – doe …..
    (just warming up for my grand singing voice’s March encore 😉

  • Dominator says:

    I can’t wait for March. Maybe I’ll remember German this time!

    • jbertolus says:

      I feel the same way about French! Two UCLA extension courses later…all I get is a headache when I attempt a word of it! I’m also holding out for some dancing talent, there MUST be a kick ass dancer inside me SOMEWHERE!
      Thanks for the share!

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