“Making Time Dilate Because Of The Poetry Of The Moment”

“Making Time Dilate Because Of The Poetry Of The Moment”

“The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to.” -Alain de Botton

Well, Hello there!
It’s been a while since we’ve had a Jason Silva Sunday!
This one triggered my wanderlust.

It also reminded me to ENJOY THE FRICKIN’ JOURNEY!

I’m someone who lives to travel, and since we do it on a motorcycle, it really is all about the journey.

Honest to God, most of the time the destination is an afterthought.

I can tell you about a great road we found, or the scenery-smell sensory ratio of a place, I can even regale you with stories of the meals we’ve shared and the people we’ve experienced during a ride. But I’d be hard pressed to tell you our destination that day, and not because my 56-year-old memory has misplaced it – but because it really wasn’t the highlight of the day.
That would be the journey – the ride.

Let’s all, most especially me, remember that about LIFE.

Mucho love my peeps,

Carry on with your Sunday!



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