Hello? This Is Your Future Calling

Hello? This Is Your Future Calling


I had a unique experience the other morning, kind of a spiritual Ah Ha, and it was prompted by the movie Interstellar.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, no spoilers here, unless you count that fact that it takes place in space and the theory of relativity gets bandied around once or twice.

This being the week of confessions, I have another one to lay on ya.

I am a science fiction FANATIC. Die hard, always have, always will be, lover of all things SPACE.
It geeks me out, it fucks with my head and it makes me happy.

So…one of the principals of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity goes something like this:
Spacetime: space and time should be considered together and in relation to each other. (Thank you Wikipedia).

Don’t fall asleep, that’s interesting as shit and here’s why; we think time happens in a straight line, past is behind you, you’re standing in the NOW and your future has yet to happen, right? Wrong.
Everything happens at the same time! What?! And time is malleable, it changes with the speed of light and…perception.

One of the principals the movie uses is the speeding up of time.
They, (the crew of the ship) are traveling SO fast and are SO far away, that when they make a pit stop on a planet, (I’ll call it THE DOG PLANET), one hour equals seven years on earth.

So the crew’s NOW – is Earth’s future. Get it?

Now stay with me here, all that being said, could your own future come and inform your present?

That’s what my little epiphany upon waking made abundantly clear to me. The answer is YES. It is always doing that. It uses déjà vu, serendipity, synchronicity, inspiration and the feeling of being called to something.

How it was explained to me, in that place between awake and asleep, was this way: Let’s say you feel like you want to change jobs, or find a new lover. You feel inspired to do so. It lights you up, it just feels “right”.

That’s your future calling you. It’s already happened.
All you need to do is pay attention and follow the breadcrumbs, so to speak.

I felt such a sense of relief when that came through.
Why worry? Why get caught up in doubt? If you KNEW it was already accomplished wouldn’t that make the journey to get there so much more fun?
And haven’t we gotten it all twisted up and turned around? Life’s supposed to be fun.

It was a perspective I’ve read about, but with the help of the movie and whatever crazy, mind expanding thing I must have smoked while I was asleep, I REALLY got it.

What you want has already happened and it’s calling you forward.

Now, finish your coffee and GO!


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