File This Under *God Wink*

File This Under *God Wink*


Hi Loves,
When I opened my email this morning I got so excited I wanted to jump up and down, but I was afraid my boobs would knock me out; so…

Okay, you read the post from yesterday, the one I was reticent to write because it was a little on the “edge”? It was about coincidence and serendipity being the signs that your future self uses to give you to signs that you’re on the right track.

A friend of mine calls them *God winks. I like that.

So I received a HUGE *God wink this morning when I opened this Note From The Universe. Check it out:

“Accidents, coincidences, and serendipities, Janet, are the disguises I use to sneak magic and miracles into your life without arousing suspicion that the game is rigged, the dragons are fake, and you’re about to hit the biggest “home run” of your life.

Now, please don’t ruin this for anyone –
The Universe”

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
© ®

*But there’s MORE – check this out, my future self and I are constantly talking about the book I’m writing…what?!

“I’d say it’s time to get ready to write your book and plan the world tour, Janet, on what it’s like to I will soon need to hire another person to keep up. And please remember to give a smidge of credit to these NOTES when you’re on Oprah, Ellen, or… The Discovery Channel. Well…”

So, you guys are always telling me that you never experience any of the stuff I write about, the affirmations, miracles or *God winks. well, here ya go! They are everywhere – even in your morning email. 😉 Well played Universe.

PS. Jason Silva’s video is also on Serendipity this week. Coincidence? I’ll be posting it Sunday – Lets’s just file this under WTF?!



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