What’s The Payoff For Staying Stuck?

What’s The Payoff For Staying Stuck?


I really love Kate Northrup. She is a fresh, new voice in the “Spiritual Self Improvement” genre.
I’ve been a devotee of her mom, Dr. Christiane Northrup for years. Her books about navigating menopause have talked me down off the ledge many, many times. More times than I’d like to admit.
I discovered my beloved naturopath, Dr Holly Lucille, through her website, back in the day.

I found this article of Kate’s particularly insightful and we’ve been discussing it in the Wednesday Woman’s Group for two weeks, and again today in my writing Mastermind session.

So here’s the question: What’s the payoff for staying stuck?

When days, months, years or even decades go by, and you haven’t accomplished what you say is your heart’s desire…could you have an even deeper, more subconscious desire that overrides all that?

For instance, you may be able to trace the fact that you never get the time or opportunity to travel, which you say you’re dying to do, back to an even deeper desire for routine and normalcy, the VERY THINGS travel shoots to hell. So those deeper, ingrained desires will cancel out the travel – every time. Get it?

Here, take a minute to read Kate’s article, and start to become aware and make the changes you need to get unstuck.

Happy Friday!





  • Dominator says:

    I’m stuck on traveling…fast! The adventure and thrill of it all.
    And it gets in the way of normalcy and security.
    Yet I make decisions…slooooooow!
    The conundrum comes from how much time do you dedicate to either?

    • jbertolus says:

      You ARE a walking contradiction, Dominator! Wrapped in bacon.
      You seem to be an adrenalin junkie, who is decision impaired? Lol! You’re the best!

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