No Regrets

No Regrets


I read something this weekend that touched me, and reminded me about those certain sweet aspects of our connections with each other that get swept aside because we think we have all the time in the world.

The man who I worked for in the jewelry business for almost twenty years lost his brother on Tuesday in a very sudden and unexpected way.

Damned heart attack.

That loss will reverberate throughout their family in untold ways and my heart goes out to each and every one of them.

I didn’t know him well, but having been to family birthdays and holiday parties over the years, I’d met his wife and kids and we’d had our share of kitchen duty and kid clean-up casual conversations. He was an active outdoorsman, family man and cut up.
He had the huge grin of a Cheshire Cat, and I always liked him.

I was hoping to find out if they were having any kind of service for him, where I could go and extend my condolences, so I checked the obituaries in the LA Times.
He hadn’t suffered a long illness, and was only in his early sixties, vital and active, so his obit reflected how hastily it had been put together. It was short and sweet.

I scrolled down to the comments and although not too many people have felt compelled to comment beyond their shock and sadness, there was one that was so personal and tender, it really touched my heart.

It was written by his yoga teacher.
Apparently he had had a regular yoga practice for many years, (which makes me like him even more) and he had been to class on Monday, the night before he passed.
She wrote that some people bring something special with them to class; and that she will miss his presence.
She explained that he fell into the category of students that made her happy when she came into the room and saw them on their mat, in their usual spot. She said that she had wanted to say goodbye to him after class, but often people are so peacefully zoned out that she doesn’t like to disturb them, and she regretted not having her last hello/goodbye with him that night.

That was the takeaway for me.
We all skip those little moments.
The simple hi or goodbye, maybe even a nod or smile or that split second of eye contact to let someone know that you were happy to see them.
We respect their privacy and skip the hug.
Then the next day- they’re gone.

Her simple words reminded me of something I think we all tend to forget.
Life’s too short and I hate regrets, so if I see you, I’m going to say hello and probably hug you.

Please feel free to do the same to everyone around you whose presence you’d miss…if they left the next day.

Love you all, big hug,


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