It’s Still Summer Damn It!

It’s Still Summer Damn It!


I know for some of you school is back in session, I can tell by the traffic.
When did we vote an end to summer the second week of August?
I didn’t get that ballot.

Are you happy about it because your kids are out from underfoot, or did it fuck up your end of summer trips?

Counting this one, we still have three more August weekends. Let’s not rush summer out the door.

The smell of Suntan lotion, watermelon, peaches, cherries – SUMMER
Seagulls, the Dodger games on the radio, more specifically, Vin Scully’s voice calling the game, tan skin, saltwater, lifeguard towers, colorful beach towels, sea glass, hot sand, the hum of air conditioners, flip flops, cold beer, ice tea, all Mean Summer to me.

What’s your best memory from this summer….so far 😉

Happy Summer Sunday!

Big sandy, saltwater hugs,

  • dominator says:

    Not sure about the sand but I love to take a post-lunch nap, in the shade with a light breeze, on the grass with a blanket, cuddled up with the dogs.

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