Infuse Your Life With Love

Infuse Your Life With Love

*That is my hubs famous Thanksgiving turkey. It is a gift to our mouths every year.

We’ve all experienced it.

That special meal made from ordinary ingredients, that makes you sit back and……well let’s face it, I’ve teared up over zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta cheese, and a lukewarm glass of Chianti at a cafe in Tuscany.

There’s no reasonable explanation why the line of foodies forms around the block and you can’t fanagle a reservation for thirty days.
You can’t quite put your finger on why the bread is orgasmic or the pasta is to die for.

Your Grandmother, aunt Sadie or that fancy chef obviously have a secret invisible ingredient that they add all the way through the process.
Starting at chopping the garlic and ending with the perfect application of salt and pepper
With a purse of the lips, they blow a kiss, adding LOVE to everything they make.

We’ve all seen it.

Giant, shiny black, Grand Piano on stage. It is competently played by the pianist for the orchestra or band.
Then the featured performer takes to the keys and blows the roof off the joint.
Same piano, maybe even the same song, but played with such power, such passion, such….LOVE.
It may be invisible, but the difference… viseral.

We’ve all heard it.

The singer that steps forward for their solo and what comes out of their mouth is an aria that sends God a love note.
Their very essence transferred onto the notes of a song. Angelic tones sent from heaven and sung with LOVE.
There is no other possible explanation.

That’s what makes what you do special.

When you leave or infuse your essence, your gooey goodness, your divine deliciousness, your LOVE, into your speaking, your writing, your cooking, anything and everything you do each day,
you enhance the experience for everyone around you.

Then it will be reflected back.

It may be applause, great material success, or a simple compliment.

Even a garden can send that love back to it’s caretaker. We call it a green thumb. It’s really just LOVE reflected back.

What is that special something that carries YOUR love out into the world? Go ahead! Brag to me, I’d LOVE to hear about it!



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