Clues Of What’s To Come

Clues Of What’s To Come


We both noticed it. My husband and I.

There was one lonely sheet of double ply Brawny paper towel on the butcher block in the center of the kitchen, when we got up this morning.
I thought it was left over from some boxer-shark puppy calamity that he’d cleaned up, and I’m sure he thought the same.

Neither was true.

It just laid there, like a blank slate, ready for a mess.

Five minutes later when he was bringing me my coffee, (cue the sappy music and the Husband of the Year Award) it sloshed up and over the side of the cup, leaving a little trail to the TV room, where I sit in the morning, posting this blog.
Now the handy dandy paper towel that was nearby, primed and ready, waiting for a spill, was finally put to use.

Often, the Universe leaves us clues of what’s to come.

The other day, I noticed a rogue Band Aid on the bathroom counter. 
Hmmmmm. How’d THAT get there?
It came in handy when my groovy shoes gave me blisters from hell later that afternoon.

I love the concept that the Universe, like a helicopter parent, is waiting there with a Kleenex before we even sneeze.

I, for one, welcome the help.

I can think of SO many of these. Can you?

You’ve probably never tried.

Do it! 
It’s fun. Close your eyes and think a minute about the little clues that you’ve received, out of the blue.
When has the Universe placed something right in your path that was exactly what you needed. You probably won’t have to think long, these things tend to make an impression.

Tell me, I’d love to hear your story!


  • wishing4peace says:

    I notice that when I am compelled to buy something random that I will need that thing in the near future. As in, walking by the bandaids, thinking I should pick those up and then realizing that there none in house when I nick my finger chopping veggies. Or looking a the light bulbs in the grocery store and getting home, sans new light bulbs, only to find that one or more are burned out? At this point, rather than going back out to buy light bulbs (who makes a trip to the store for just one thing. I mean: Really?) I play musical light bulbs, transferring ones from less used lamps to more crucial areas. Then I used to procrastinate on buying the darn things until I had exhausted all of the light bulbs in the house and was forced to go buy more. I digress. Now I try to pay attention to that compulsion when I hear it and do whatever the Universe is telling me to do.

    • jbertolus says:

      Haha! I also play musical lightbulbs!
      In Amsterdam when I was leaving a hotel, (hotel is being generous) to catch a flight to the UK,the lovely man at the desk kept wanting to hand me the train schedule. I kept handing it back, explaining in loud English and mime, how I was catching a plane.
      Well, got to the airport, and all the flights were cancelled due to a strike. How I wished I’d taken that train schedule! It took me hours to find one, because everyone had the same idea, so I just ended up going to the station. The Universe tried!

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