Whatever You Do, Don’t Hold Your Breath (Reprise)

Whatever You Do, Don’t Hold Your Breath (Reprise)

Whatever You Do, Don't Hold Your Breath
*So..its been a very tech glitchy morning. Duh! Apparently anyone who follows this blog didn’t get the link to the meditation. After I ran around screaming and pulling my hair out, I remembered what I just wrote and made some corrections. Here”s the version I intended with the link. Listen,it’s worth it. xox

I went to the amazing Diana’s full moon meditation Monday night. The evening was warm and the wind chime’s tones were in concert with the blood moon energy.

During her lead up talk, Diana guided us: Just like when the teacher calls your name and you respond PRESENT…HERE…I AM HERE. Acknowledging in your heart that you are present now, for this, at this time.
And for some reason, that made several of us tear up. It touched my heart. It felt open and willing with a childlike innocence.
During the meditation, a soft, calming voice said to me:
My Darlings, this is the answer to a million prayers. Millions of you have prayed: What if the world could awaken overnight? This is the energy that will do it. Every plant, animal and human being on the planet will be touched and changed.
If you use the analogy of a tsunami, right now, all the water had been pulled off shore and out to sea. That is why so many are having a feeling of great anticipation. You sense something is coming. That big wave is coming in the next two weeks, and you will see a change.

Uh…holy cow, okay.
Maybe I have prayed that prayer after watching the latest endless news feed before bed. I am one of the millions.
It sometimes seems like a hopeless cause, this planet we inhabit.
After last night we all felt…hopeful.

This is a time of immense change, but change can be good. We need change right now.
We need the water to go out, and come back full of new life.
I know I do. I think you do too.
The energy the next two weeks is big. Like epic, kick some ass, change the world big. The astrological implications are ridiculous!
So…stay calm, carry on.
Don’t make any big decisions just yet.
Whatever you do, DONT RESIST ANYTHING. That will feel like shit. Just go with it.
Anger is resistance.
Fear is resistance.
Impatience is resistance.
Depression is resistance.
Separation is resistance.
Disappointment is resistance.
Loneliness is resistance.
Anxiety is resistance.
Desperation is resistance.
Resistance is not accepting WHAT IS.
Please, just accept it…for now.
And whatever you do, don’t hold your breath.

Here is a link to the Full Moon Meditation from Diana Lang (www.lifeworks.com)
If you don’t have the full half hour, the meditation starts at around 16 mins.

I’d love to hear feedback on any and all effects of this big full moon energy.
If you think someone could benefit from this post, pass it on!


  • Steph says:

    Thank you Janet, this is a great post. I forwarded it to several friends because I think the message is true.
    Also remember the first rule of diving is “Don’t hold your breath.” So, are we about to “dive” into a whole new world? Let’s hope so.

    • jbertolus says:

      yeah Steph! Love the diving reference. So true. Thanks for reading and the comment,love.

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