Go Fly A Kite

Go Fly A Kite

Go Fly A Kite

I was thinking about this the other day. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because it’s been windy here in LA, and I love to fly kites. And…I like the analogy.

Here goes: If I was a kite, flying high in the wind, searching for the jet stream, I would have a tail to stabilize my flight and I would be grounded by a long string.
You with me?

As this kite, I look forward to the windiest days. The Santa Ana’s are music to my ears. Even though they seem a bit chaotic to some, even destructive, they are the thunder to my lightening, the Sonny to my Cher, the peanut butter to my jelly.
We are a team. I’m nothing without a good, stiff breeze. Have you ever tried to fly a kite without the wind? You run and run for miles, until you have no breath left in your body, and when you finally stop…the kite crashes to the ground.
It’s impossible.

So, I’ve got the wind to set me sailing high above the clouds.
What would my tail be made of? What would I use to keep me from wobbling, spinning and diving uncontrollably? This is tricky, a stabilizer has to be light, it can’t impede the lift.
I could make a tail of old torn up love letters and pages from my past, tied together by memories. I would gain a little height, maybe just up over the trees, but then those memories would start to weigh me down. My past would act like an anchor. Better to just let them go.

Would I use everything I’ve learned through the years? Hmmm…that has to do with intellect and my mind. I can tie together notes to myself about how to fly and articles on aerodynamics, with doubt and uncertainty as the glue. Whatcha think?
I can’t gain any altitude because I’m thinking way too much about the how’s and why’s of staying aloft.

Hey! What about belief. If I can string together with faith, all the beliefs about myself that let me know I was MADE to fly. I’m a kite, for crying out loud. Flying is my sweet spot. The belief that the sky is where I belong. That I’m better than most. That if I go with the flow, and let the wind take me, I can fly higher than the birds. Maybe hitch a ride on an airplane. (As kids we were convinced our kites were so high, a jet plane would have to swerve around them) Gotta love that.
Belief is the perfect stabilizer. That will be my tail.

Now…who holds the string? Ohhhhh boy.
My ego? Nope too ADD. He’ll see something shiny and let go. I’m not safe with him at the helm.
I can’t let my fears hold the string. They’ll never let me get higher than five feet off the ground. Too windy, too dangerous, too high, too hard to hold, too fearful, too bad. Next!
What about a member of my council? You remember I wrote about our councils.
How about the guy with the TEAM JANET sweatshirt? He’s perfect to hold the string. He knows all the best parks, where to find the fastest winds, even where to get that extra long spool of string. So jet stream here I come! He won’t limit me or bring me down before I’m ready. Yep, I’ve got this all figured out. 
Weeeee weeeee!

How about you?
Do you relate to the kite analogy? Do you have a better one for yourself? A high performance race car?
Please share in the comments below!


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