Your Behind The Scenes Team

Your Behind The Scenes Team

Your Behind The Scenes Team

Be prepared to O. P. E. N your mind here.
I’m going to elaborate on this council I mentioned in the March 25th post.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years, through various books, lectures and classes and what I now believe wholeheartedly.

I’m just going to save you the years of searching and condense it, humanize it and try to make it palatable.

You’re welcome.

As always,  the parts of this that resonate with you, set the rest aside. That’s what I always recommend. It’s how discernment works. And, it helps you fine tune your bullshit meter.

So, here goes. Since we are all infinite energy, we exist with consciousness, even when we don’t have a physical body. That is why death at that level, is just an illusion.
When we get bored playing around in the non-physical and we decide to take a body on Earth, there is a lot of responsibility that goes with the planning and coordinating. You can’t just come down without a purpose. As I’ve said before, there are no “extra” people wandering around down here.
Okay, we do experience amnesia, which makes things…interesting, kinda exciting, even an adventure. And without it, we wouldn’t play the game.

So…we’re thinking of taking a body again and all that entails.
The pros: An experience smorgasbord of:
Touch, feel, taste.
Personal interactions, relationships.
Endless choices
Just to name a few.
The cons: All of the above.
Add a dash of Free Will, and let the games begin.
That’s where the council comes in. It is composed of several souls that have such a vested interest in our plan, that they want to tag along. They very much need to be present at these “meetings” to coordinate just when and where they will make their
appearance. They may be the love of our lives AND the boss we can’t stand. Playing the parts that will help us the most to grow. Our parent’s souls are definitely part of that group. Enough said.

Then there are the souls whose job it is to help others plan their lives on Earth.

I think of them as the experts or the Masterminds. They may have never even had a life here, but they are the go-to source of all things Earth. (Which to me is like a priest teaching sex education, I’m just sayin’). But it works. They have an easy time being dispassionate. In other words, they don’t buy into the drama and the bullshit.

Also at the table, is the part of your soul you left behind. Often referred to as The Higher Self. The energy we are all composed of, is too huge to squeeze into this tiny body, so a large portion stays behind. It’s that part of us that has infinite knowledge, the smarty pants part of our souls. You can tell it’s your Higher Self a mile away, they cheer the loudest.
They all wear TEAM sweatshirts. TEAM JANET’S are red.
Seated next to them, are our Guardian Angels.
The bottom line is this: Everyone present wants to help us succeed with our purpose or plan.

Even if we don’t, they do check in at various times in our lives, to remind us of our path and give us love, support and chocolate. Most especially when the wheels have fallen off the cart and we are dangerously close to starring in our own TLC reality series: Living Bad Choices, Her Life As A Hot Mess.
Whenever I witness a complete 180 degree course correction in my life or someone’s close to me, I know the council had a hand in it. Bless them and their infinite patience and sense of humor.

All of this is done at an unconscious level of course, most likely while we’re asleep…or driving…or while our neighbor drones on about the snails in his garden.

When I was young, this all felt very “Big Brother” to me. Were they watching EVERYTHING? Did they see me in the bathroom or watch me try on bathing suits at Nordstrom?
But as I’ve grown older the thought of this council feels…comforting. Often, before I go to sleep at night, I give some thought and then set an intention as to what I’d like to discuss that night. If there’s a certain problem I want them to chew on for me, I just ask. I know they have the map of my life, all spread out, with the big picture. They know my purpose and the 17,000 different paths I can take to get there, and I trust them to show me the way. They are the voice of my intuition after all.

What color is your TEAM sweatshirt? Make a list of three topics you’d like the council to work on for you right before bed, then share the results with us.


  • My team sweatshirt is sky blue with puffy white clouds (may as well give myself a head start on floating in another dimension. The back of my sweatshirt says, “There are no extra people on this earth” (quoting one of my favorite bloggers). The topic? Fear of unknown spiritual experiences. Love the post!

  • hipmonkey says:

    But what if there’s no ”in between” time? What if we exist eternally with the illusion of death over our head, but it’s a 100% pure Illusion? We are creating our life right now, but there’s no pause button at “death.” For example, my oldest son died in a car wreck in 2001. What if in his reality he survived the wreck and is carrying on with life as usual (in an unseen dimension) and he only appears dead to us? I can think of many times, including some car wrecks, I should not have survived, yet here I am. I am not saying this is my 100% belief, I’m just adding some flavor to the discussion. They say dying is easy, we’ve done it a million times. (don’t even know if this made any sense) lol ….

    • jbertolus says:

      We are all multidimensional, meaning we exist simultaneously in different dimensions. Many believe there are eleven. So..I love that you’re taking this to the next level. My husband “died” but came back. We talk a lot about the fact that there is reality where he is dead. Kind of like the movie “Sliding Doors”. Your son is still present at a vibration that you can’t register. I truly believe that. No doubt. He is closer to you and can assist you much more than he could in the physical. He is not bound by distance or time. He probably has a seat in you council 🙂
      Thanks so much for commenting!

  • bwcarey says:

    i’m having many of these nights and appear surrounded by angels, when i’m in the zone, but there are also many negative destructive souls, who wish to push me off the rails quite regularly, which i have had to deal with, i’ve encountered the divine and seen the incredible, but i’m not good at pushing my own interests, great post by the way, and Thank God for being God, amen

  • jbertolus says:

    Nice concise way to describe the council. My Blue team is hard at work (double serving of guardian angels and a spare archangel help a lot) especially at night.

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