Energy Reboot

Energy Reboot

Energy Reboot

I like to clear the air.
Literally and Energetically.
I like to have all the windows open when weather permits, with cross ventilation and a breeze. I can smell the difference in a room. No more stuffy, stale dog farts hanging in the air.

It also FEELS transformed. Like all the molecules have played musical chairs, and have repositioned themselves; and the nasty ones have left the room.

I usually take this a step further and burn Nagchampa incense. I must admit right here and now, that I have a thing for incense.
It really sends me. I blame my Catholic upbringing. When the smoke from that rich Frankincense would envelope me during Mass, my eyes would roll back in my head, and I’d be GONE.
Anyway…My original meditation teacher from back-in-the-day turned me onto Nagchampa. It is widely used in yoga, and meditation, to helps create a sacred space. For centuries in India it has been used for cleansing and purging areas of negativity & unwanted spirits and energy. Who doesn’t need some of that?
It is the smell you are likely smelling in every Yoga studio, meditation class and New Age bookstore. And here is why: Nagchampa incense has several benefits. It has a natural sedative effect and will help to unwind your body. It consist of sandalwood which is a strong calming agent and is said to have a high spiritual vibration and aid in calming the restless mind.
Which makes it my best friend and my go to energy unwinder.
If it’s too early for wine, I burn some Nagchampa.

I’m also a big believer in burning white sage.
I KNOW it changes the energy of a room or a person.
The American Indians call it “smudging”. It comes in bundles at any health food store, and has two distinct properties:
1) It is a bitch to keep burning. I’ve heard all the tricks, it’s not dry enough, blah, blah, blah. You either get a bundle that sets off every smoke alarm or one that won’t stay lit.
The benefits are totally worth it; just don’t say I didn’t warn you.
2) It smells suspiciously like pot.
If you smudge your place of business, and any of the smoke lingers, you will get those “knowing” smiles.
My sister and I burned sage so much when my nephew was young, we joked that when he became a teenager and went to his first rock concert, he would wonder to himself (silently we prayed) “Who’s burning the sage?”
I’ve saged every new apartment and house I’ve lived in since I was 19.
You start with the doorways, windows and hallways. Make sure the smoke reaches the ceiling, and just trace the outline of each room, paying attention to the corners.
High traffic areas are a must. Bedrooms are essential. Then I concentrate on any place where a fight or even snarky words have occurred. That is pretty much every square inch of my living space. And since I can be the Queen of Snark, I sage the shit out of myself. I just follow the outline of my body, paying special attention 
to. my. mouth.
All kidding aside, saging someone who is or has been going through emotional crisis can be very healing.

Clearing the emotion off of objects is a different story.
When I worked with antique jewelry, I handled every piece that came through our store, especially in the early days. 
I would clean it, price it, and enter its description in our inventory. Last but not least, I would display it.
Occasionally, I would pick up a piece and it would reek of sadness.
Or anger.
Or both.
Stones, especially diamonds are huge energy absorbers and transmitters.
Think of a crystal radio.
The two methods I know to clear the energy and bring a piece of jewelry back to just metal and stones, are to bury it in dirt or submerge in saltwater for three days.
Get a dedicated pot of dirt if that’s the method you choose. And be wary of squirrels. I’m not kidding.
Back in those early days we had a saltwater fish tank in the store and on any given day you could walk by and see 8-10 pieces of jewelry hanging by their tags in the tank.
My boss would roll his eyes so hard I thought he was going to do a backflip.

I also kept a laminated chart, hidden under my desk blotter, of gemstones and their energetic properties. He was convinced I was nuts and that my “woo woo” techniques were bullshit…until a customer would ask a question about the energy of a diamond, or what healing qualities an amethyst possessed.
As the end of the 20th century approached, it became a regular occurrence.
We catered to celebrities. Celebrities believe this stuff.
In order to make a sale, I would overhear him:
“We have a chart that can answer your question” or 
“We can put that ring in our fish tank and you can pick it up Friday.”
I loved that he said “We.” Ha!
I had no idea he had been paying attention.
I think he may have even started to believe.
At least he didn’t roll his eyes anymore.
Listen, I wasn’t out to convert anyone, but I think it may have just been absorbed through osmosis.

Ah, who am I kidding, he probably has a drawer full of Nagchampa at home, and a dedicated pot of dirt.


  • Lk says:

    That was great, as was the sage article. Did the fish just take it in stride? I’ve never had a salt water tank. Awareness, energy, are things a lot of us are taught to ignore. Good news is, we can always tap into them any time, no matter our age! Thanks.

    • jbertolus says:

      Yeah, the fish thought diamonds in the water was normal! Lucky fish! Tapping into awareness and energy is essential these days. At least, I think it is! And you’re right, age doesn’t matter! Better late than never! Thank you so much for reading!

  • The Word says:

    This kind of incense is part of the beauty of nature. You really have a wide awareness in this planet… Keep it up, Janet…

    Continued blessings be upon you,

  • LOVED THIS!! I’ve just done my first ever house sage and I’m glad to hear it’s just not me thinking it smells like pot! So happy I’ve stumbled upon your blog – love your writing style – jumping into more posts immediately 🙂

    • jbertolus says:

      Hey, Thanks so much! As we speak I’m messing around with the blog “behind the scenes” trying to make it easier to navigate.
      Enjoy your reading.

  • viewpacific says:

    Well-written. Thanks.
    Maybe your boss was rolling his eyes due to his experiencing the incense?

    • jbertolus says:

      Haha! I never attempted burning incense or sage at that store. I was pushing it with soaking jewelry in the fish tank!
      Thanks for reading and making me laugh!

  • Sage the rooms and salt soak the jewelry. Yes. I still work in the estate jewelry business and a great deal of my work is focused on appraisals. Not the fun appraisals of a beautiful way to commemorate a joyous life event, but the ones that deal with the separation of assets. I don’t want to say how often, but there have been several times that I pick up a piece of someone’s jewelry and get a *ZING* of emotion. Oddly enough, it usually manifests as a tingling in my fingers going up to my elbow. I think we need to get a fish tank.

    • jbertolus says:

      Exactly Steph,
      My lips would buzzy too. But mostly my chest would tighten for anger or my eyes would tear up for sadness.
      Thanks for reading and the great conversation!

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