Balancing on Our Spinning Orb

Balancing on Our Spinning Orb

Balancing on Our Spinning Orb

Have you ever given that much thought?
The fact that we’re trying to maintain our balance on a planet made mostly of liquid, that is spinning at 1000 mph? Then imagine that big wet blue ball hurdling through space at 67,000 mph.
No wonder I fall down so much. Just thinking about it makes me wanna hurl.

I know science says it all has to do with centrifugal force and gravity and stuff.
But I think it’s a miracle.
This Goldilocks habitat, in the middle of a vacuum. How did I get so lucky?
When I contemplate all the places, all the gin joints in all the towns, in all the worlds, where I could have ended up. I must have drawn the long straw, because I could have been born as a gnat on the ass of a Wookie.

It’s my belief that we volunteered to come here at this time in Earth’s history.
We waited in line. We knew things wouldn’t be easy. But we knew they wouldn’t be boring either. It would be a time of great change, and we knew we could make a difference. It would be a challenge to fit all of our magnificence into a body. It’s uncomfortably tight at times. Like squeezing into two sizes too small skinny jeans.
And those emotions! How the hell do they work?
They looked really fun from an outsider’s perspective.

But the beauty. My God, the beauty.
Purple mountains majesty, trees of green and sky’s of blue.
I’m in awe whenever I see an elephant or a whale, or a wild wolf. Watching hummingbirds in my backyard or starlings flying in formation.
The smell of cut grass, and orange blossoms and puppies.
Those are just a few of the things that help me maintain my balance here.

I KNOW we all came in with a purpose. God, or whomever, does not make extra people. That’s not the way the Universe works.
No one and no thing is superfluous. And all life is connected.
Remember that the next time you’re feeling lonely, unsettled and out of balance.

Then open your eyes and look around. Take a deep breath and realize how freakin’ lucky you are. How lucky we ALL are.
Then get to work, you with your mad skills.



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