Devour Life

Devour Life

Devour Life

I will devour this thing called life
In giant sloppy bites!
Because to nibble around the edges would be a crime.

I will take in every taste, feel and smell,
As it is offered to me, with mouth and hands and senses wide open,
Leaving no morsel of living left behind.

If you say you want to live a measured life,
Don’t come sit by me,
For the laughing will be as loud as the tears where I sit.
Things will appear messy and uncensored, and way too big at times.

But if you want to run through tall grass with bare feet,
If you want to stand on the beach with your face in the wind,
If you think you can handle both joy and despair,
Then take my hand.
For this is one wild and crazy ride,
Take all the chances, make every mistake,
Because you only get to be “you” once,
And you will not come out of it alive!


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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