This Channel is Currently Unavailable

This Channel is Currently Unavailable

This Channel is Currently Unavailable

Have you been noticing lately, like I have, that the happy place you go to in meditation has picked up its tent and moved, without leaving a forwarding address?

It feels just like when you get all cozy to sit down and watch your favorite show on cable, and the screen says: This channel is currently unavailable.
Damn you Time Warner!

Five days later you finally receive the notice that the cable company is changing the channel line up. Shouldn’t that be sent out BEFORE they rock your world?
When you examine the postmark, the date is like ten days previous!
WTF? Did they mail it from Antartica?
NASA can get mail to the International Space Station faster!
Suddenly, I’m not certain who to be madder at, the postal service, or cable??!!

Okay, so it’s like that.
The station we normally tune into has been changed, and it doesn’t feel right.
The connection is weak, we can’t land into it, so to speak.

Until we get the notice from the Universe, as to where they moved their tent,
I’m just sitting and trying to feel my way there.
“A little to the right, no, no, to the left now….that’s better!”
Like having your little brother adjust the rabbit ear antenna on the TV when you were kids, to get better reception.

The Universe has done this before, so I know it WILL become clear again.
It will be better, with more features after this latest update, but now it’s kinda offline.
It just irritates me when it changes without warning.
I’m intuitive and I didn’t even get the memo!

It feels to me like the end of these changes…giving us time to assimilate.
At least for a few months.
Until we get all cozy again.
Then: This channel is currently unavailable.
What?! Come on!!

Xox Janet


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