The Power of One

The Power of One

The Power of One

The Power of One

It’s an ancient secret.
A miracle kept under wraps,
for if anyone truly believes it,
they can literally move mountains,
they can change their map.

It starts with an idea,
one simple grain of truth,
that if it attaches itself to you,
and walks with you day and night,
it BECOMES you.

But you cannot dispel it,
or curse it’s inconvenience,
lest it finds another host,
whose arms are open wide,
ready for the call.

They will not get YOUR power,
Not exactly, it’s not the same,
Every person has their talents,
but not everyone’s in the game.

So do not waste time worrying,
for the Power will call again,
because what’s yours is always yours, my friend,
on THAT you can depend.

What will be your power?
will you write or paint or sing?
THOSE are the powers that move mountains, my Darling,
more than the armies of Kings.

If you all knew my lovelies,
Of the powers you possess,
You’d be so busy working magic,
You’d take little time to rest.

Don’t believe it takes a village,
a whole nation starts with one,
The power of one person,
the power to become,
All that God has wished for you,
and written with your hands,
It takes faith, perseverance and fortitude,
to change where a mountain stands.


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