Take A Ride On The River

Take A Ride On The River

Take A Ride On The River

The stream of consciousness, of higher wisdom,
starts off like a trickle, but as it picks up momentum,
it turns into a powerful river, and that river can cut through solid rock.
And that’s a good thing,
because some of us are just that dense!

It is not an overnight process either.
Layers must be removed.
Just as the jagged edges of the rocks are worn smooth over time,
so are we, but patience is required.
The Grand Canyon did not happen overnight.

Sometimes this river of wisdom gets vary fast,
and rapids occur.
It can get quite bumpy, and uncomfortable, if we resist.
We can dig in our heals, but after much struggle and pain,
and losing our shoes, the river WILL win.
THAT I know for sure!

Sometimes, like that line out of the movie “Jaws”
“we need a bigger boat”!
Meaning, we need to expand our previous small, outdated
perceptions, and navigate this stream that’s become a river,
with new, more updated thinking.

If we let it, this river can help us move those mountains.
It’s course will vary, 
there will be twists and turns we didn’t see coming,
maybe even a waterfall or two.
That’s how the rough edges get smoothed.

And when we finally stop resisting,
it will be the most incredible ride,
filled with miracles and magic,
and more beauty than we ever imagined.

And it will carry us home.


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