Living An Expert’s Life

Living An Expert’s Life

Living An Expert's Life

You don’t have to have cancer to be an cancer expert.
But it really helps.

Kris Carr started her whole “Crazy Sexy” empire while documenting her journey with a rare form of cancer. She was a successful actress who became a filmmaker, and writer ( something she never thought she could do, that resonates with ME)!
She didn’t go get a degree in journalism or filmmaking first, she became an expert on cancer and healing because she was living it, and wanted to share her journey, so she jumped into the arena.

Jennifer Lawrence just added a second Golden Globe Award to her Academy Award! This fearless young actress can hold her own with the Hollywood heavyweights. When asked about her “process” she admits she’s never studied acting!
She just “does it”. She’s an expert because she just gets up there and delivers, over and over again.

I know people who devote years to study and research, and multiple degrees, before they publish a paper. If they ever do. Many don’t. Seems they’re just never ready.
While it’s impressive and some feel required to have a degree in your chosen field,
my feeling is that while degrees are good, just living life and putting in the time, can make you an expert. 
Except for rocket science…to be a rocket scientist you need tons of advanced study! Agreed?!

I’m an expert at estate jewelry. I am. I’ve been immersed in everything about it for over 25 years.
That’s nice.

Now I’m a middle aged woman who doesn’t want to continue with that career.
I’m changing, it doesn’t do it for me anymore.
I’m writing this blog, living my spiritual path, and in doing that, I’m finding there are SO many of us that are experiencing the exact same thing!

I’m an expert now at leaving a previous profession behind to follow my heart.

There’s no degree on my wall, but I’m living it.
Every day.
I’m on the playing field, writing and talking and supporting others.
I’m sorry to report that at an age where I was hopeful I would have life all figured out I don’t.
The only thing that has permanently become clear at 55 is my skin!

I don’t have all the answers, but the ones I DO have I’m excited to share.
I want to inspire, open minds and start a conversation.

So I feel that after a good year and a half of writing from my heart, and now practicing spiritual courage instead of cowardice, 
I’m ready to reach out and put a group together of woman over 40 who are experts in fields they no longer want to pursue.
Who are contemplating doing a 180 in mid life!
Are you a doctor that wants to paint?
Are you a lawyer who at heart wants to do landscaping?
A mom who’s kids are leaving or have left, and now you have time for (gulp) yourself?
That’s great! Because I’m a jeweler that loves to write and wants to help people.

What I do know for sure is that there are a ton of us, and we’re all in this together!
How about it?
Are you in?
Listen to the call of your heart*


*for further information contact me at


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