Who Shook The Etch a Sketch??

Who Shook The Etch a Sketch??

Who Shook The Etch a Sketch??

“The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.” 
– Goethe 

I hope you’re old enough to remember having an Etch a Sketch.
If not, get off my blog!
Because none of my ancient references will make any sense to you
unless you’re an anthropologist studying the 20th century.
I remember when telephones were attached by wires to the wall,
TV was in black and white,
and there was no Internet! Gasp!

Anyway…an Etch a Sketch is a prehistoric toy, about the size of an iPad.
You turn two knobs at the bottom to “draw” with black lines
and you shake it to erase the screen in order to start over.

I found it profoundly frustrating because it only draws in straight lines and right angles.
At least for me.
I have seen that some people were able to draw the Mona Lisa.
I’m still sure somehow, they cheated.

The analogy I’m trying to make here, is that after many years of turning the knobs
and through a series of straight lines and right angles, I got my little black and white picture just so. Then…

Someone Shook The Etch a Sketch!!!
And my masterpiece is gone, for good!

Actually, it seems someone has shaken the global, maybe even cosmic
Etch a Sketch, and we all get a “do over”!

Now, that feels better to some than others.
We all get really invested in all the time and energy our black and white
masterpieces required of us!
We were able to overcome the frustration at only using straight lines,
and right angles.
We lowered our expectations a bit.
Maybe WE were not the ones that could draw the Mona Lisa, and that was…okay.

But after the shock of the shake ;-). Heehee
I think everyone, myself included, has started to embrace the empty slate.

I for one, am going to take my time.
I’m going to read the instructions for once,
and learn to draw circles, and loopty loops, and set the thing on COLOR!

I doubt I’ll be able to draw a Mona Lisa, but that’s alright,
I want my masterpiece to wear glitter and false eyelashes,
And a real smile!

How about you? What are you going to draw now that you get a “do over”?

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