What Is Mine Will Always Be Mine, No Matter What

What Is Mine Will Always Be Mine, No Matter What

What Is Mine Will Always Be Mine, No Matter What

Well! That’s a relief!
This may be my favorite sentence of all time!
I may have to embroider this on a pillow,
Or have a T-shirt made!
Because for me right now… it’s all about trust.

I can definitely be someone who feels I have to chase my dreams.
I have to make things happen, because if I don’t, the opportunity
may not present itself again!
You snooze, you loose!


So I loved, loved, loved, this writing from the Kabbalah Centre
It talks about the crazy line up of the planets right now, and how that can make us feel, and also the way that energy can nudge us in the right direction.
Lots of food for thought, and just what I needed for the New Year, besides all the cookies and pie!

So instead of resolutions, let’s set intentions today and tomorrow
to take us into this new energy of 2014.

The first on my list:
The Universe is benevolent, it has my back, it is here to help me,
things are always working out for me,
so all I have to do is be still…and listen.
Because…What is mine, will always be mine, no matter what.

What’s on your list?

Here’s an excerpt of the astrology reading, with the link at the bottom.
Happy New Year!
Xox Janet

“So, here’s what to expect this week:
People we haven’t seen for a long time may reemerge for us to correct something that was left unfinished, we may receive a bill by mail from 1914 (I am barely exaggerating!), or a boss we once used to work for may ask us back into his company. Just expect the unexpected! This is our opportunity to correct, fix, or maybe just understand past events… and the good news is, it’s all to our advantage!
The final lesson this week is about fast-forwarding our actions. We are always so afraid that a good opportunity will pass us by that, oftentimes, we make very impulsive choices. This is the week to practice STOP FAST-FORWARDING TO THE END RESULT DECISION MAKING!
Remember what the kabbalists teach: what is mine will always be mine no matter what.
With the help of intuitive Cancer and deep Capricorn, I trust this week will be one of many revelations and great corrections!”

  • See more at: http://livingwisdom.kabbalah.com/astrology-forecast-december-29-january-4#sthash.dFMvicpx.dpuf


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