Wanted: Mentor

Wanted: Mentor

Wanted: Mentor

I’ve recently been bombarded by the realization that 

I’m guessing it’s because I’m at this crossroads in my life,
letting go of what I’ve been used to, my career as a jeweler and antique dealer,
and beginning to get real about devoting more and more time,
Well…basically…my life…to this new endeavor.

Here’s the tricky part.
I have NO idea WHAT that looks like!!
And…do you hear that sound?
That’s the sound of my feet dragging!

Remember me writing about not being good at some things?
Well, this is one of them.
I have NO idea how to go about reinventing myself.

So the idea, suggestion, kick in the head from the Universe lately has been
call in an expert, 
Get a Mentor!
Someone who has walked this path, has some guidance to offer,
and will help get my ass going in the right direction.

So….I meditated on that, and low and behold, 
one of my favorite spiritual websites, 
is offering a Mack Daddy mentoring program!

There was an extensive online questionnaire to fill out, 
so that I, the potential mentoree, 
could give them a sense of what I hoped to achieve,
and also to translate the gibberish in my head into the written word.
To say I’m confused is an understatement. 
My brain, where this subject is concerned, should be put into the witness protection program, far away, so as not to cause even MORE trouble.

The perfectly crafted questions where designed to give them a sense of me,
and for me to give them the reasons why I thought I should be considered for their program.
They are picking 9 people out of hundreds, maybe even thousands.

I hesitated a minute before I hit “send” and then the minute I did, I wanted to 
somehow yank it back out of cyber space, feet dragging behind me.

A week or so later was a 15 minute follow up telephone interview.
Where I kinda had fun with the questionnaire, 
I actually got nervous before the phone call.

Because… part of me turned into an eleven year old, and I wanted them to love me.

I wanted to answer all the questions with great wit and charm, say all the right things and be so incredibly engaging that an hour would go by and neither of us would notice because we were laughing at how much we had in common, and what a great addition I’d make to the team, and “oh hell, we don’t need to think about this, you’re in”!

It was the same feeling I had on blind dates when I was younger.
Then I got smart.
I realized that HE had to dazzle ME!
I needed to make sure HE was a good fit.
I could only be me, as authentic as possible,
then I had to pay attention and see what the guy had to offer.

So I approached the interview the same way.
I want a mentor, but it’s going to have to be a good fit.
I’ve already been turned down by one woman and I admire her for that.
She wants me to continue to write and send them to her and she’ll know if it’s right.
I like that!

I know I have a lot to offer, I’m not broken, I just need some direction.
Even while I’m waiting to hear back,
I’m going to continue “dating” potential mentors.
and I Know the right one will show up.

This worked pretty good when I was looking for a husband, 
He “saw” me, 
he “got” me, 
and as much as I wanted to dazzle him, 
he out sparkled me by a mile!
And that’s when I knew it was right.


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