The Power of Words

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Words don’t teach.
It’s the emotions triggered by the energy on the page.
Isn’t that amazing!

It’s not the sentence structure so much as the words that are chosen.
They create a resonance, an energy match so to speak.
You get an “Ah ha” moment, which means the barrier of resistance is broken down,
and that allows the “light of insight” in!

You remember that depiction of the lightbulb over someone’s head
when they have a great idea or epic insight?

That turns the pen into a kind of magic wand,
a conduit that transports thoughts and ideas from one persons head 
or heart into another’s.

Words can make us laugh,
They can make us cry,
They can trigger lost memories,
and impart profound wisdom.
Words can sooth a soul…or break your heart

All that happens, when your own energy matches the energy on the page,
which is conveyed by the…words.

Have you ever re read a book only to discover whole paragraphs you don’t remember?
I’ve even had chapters that I swore I missed, like the pages were stuck together or something! That’s how unfamiliar the text felt to me!
What really happened was I was not an energetic match to the material at the time
I first read it. 
It never stuck. Not in my brain, certainly not in my heart.

Songs are even more powerful because you’re combining the energy behind the words with the vibrations of the different tones.
It is especially effective in letting the light in when you sing, because your cells literally vibrate from the resonance in your body and your resistance lowers immensely.

Maybe you don’t sing, ( you’re lying, you do, loudly, in the car, I know)!
But you can try this:
When you “OM” during a meditation, 
that tone starts open and in your head,
then changes as it closes, and goes deep into your chest.
It’s like a mystical yawn, it’s full of oxygen.
It grounds you, and changes you.

Where words are holy,
Music is sacred.
And there you go!
Holy and sacred, 
two words that carry an energy that 
speaks to your soul.

  • How many times have I thoughtlessly released a mouthful of words, caring little where they land, or their impact. Not until the after effects my actions create, touch my heart, do I stop and ponder… what have I done. I’m unable to fully comprehend from this shallow well I drink, a deeper one must be dug in order to get purer water.
    When my thirst for something better, finally gets the better of me, by grace alone I’ll realize from a thoughtful heart, the labors of love can do, what a body cannot.

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