Im Not Good At Everything!

Im Not Good At Everything!

Im Not Good At Everything!

I’m not good at EVERYTHING!
And I’m trying to be okay with that!

Recently trying to navigate the healthcare system,
searching plans, making sure I’m comparing apples with apples,
I was sure my head was going to explode!

I felt the same way with all details of forming a trust, 
and basically all legalese reads like Pig Latin to me.

As long as I’m at it, I will admit that many functions on my 
computer, and even my phone, are lost on me.
I do NOT belong to the generation that came in MP3 ready.
My typing style is still hunt and peck, 
I text with my forefinger, not my thumbs,
and I use capitols and (get ready for it)

Here are a few other things I struggle with:

Remembering birthdays, 
I try so hard every year, yet I fail sometimes.
So, happy belated birthday, 
You know who you are.

my husband has a joke, (which he thinks is hilarious, and I never laugh at).
That if I walk out a door and turn right, which I always do with great conviction,
He KNOWS our destination is to the left!

I’m just adequate. My sister can make even a PB & J a work of art!
The bread is toasted to perfection, the peanut butter is at room temp and perfectly
salted, and the jelly is like nectar of the gods! Ugh…

Small talk, 
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to talk…just not with people I don’t know!
And, I don’t even have being an introvert as an excuse.
I’m an extrovert, so I will walk directly into the center of a room,
and then freeze, with a dumb ass smile on my face,
waiting for someone to come talk to ME!

Talking and driving,
I can talk, or I can drive, I can’t do both well.
If we have an amazingly intimate and insightful conversation, and I’m driving,
we will pass our exit, I can guarantee it.
We will probably end up in Mexico.

Alas, I cannot dance.
Not even a little bit.
I can “move” to the music, but remembering steps and synchronizing with other people?
Definitely a challenge!

What has happened as I’ve gotten older, is that I’ve realized this:

There are things that I excel at. Many of them.
I could make a list of those too…but I won’t now.
Because the REAL issue is embracing the fact that 
those things mentioned above, and there are others,
Are just NEVER going to be in my wheelhouse!

No amount of research, practice or even prayer is going to 
make me better at those things!
And you know what?
That’s what makes ME…ME!
And I’m okay with that!
I even can laugh about it now!

What about you?
What have you made peace with being terrible at?

Xox Janet


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