Energy Check Each Situation

Energy Check Each Situation

Energy Check Each Situation

I know for sure these days!

Since we all agree that everything is energy,
(We DO all agree on that, right)?
Then if the energy of a person, place or thing is a mis-match,
It’s gonna feel like hell!

It’s gotten to the point for me, that if I enter a business,
meet a doctor, or interview for a position,
the energy…the “vibe” just HAS to feel right, it has to be a match.
If it feels off in any way, I get very uncomfortable!
I get moody, anxious, and almost angry if I can’t get away from it.

I know I’m not alone.
All around me are relationships, personal and professional
that are in flux because the energy has shifted, 
and they’re as compatible as oil and water.
I know this from personal experience.

It became time to leave my part time jewelry job the other day.
The work part of it was interesting and fun,
but the owner and myself were just NOT an energetic match.
He’s a good person,
I’m a good person,
But it’s all about energy, and
we are just energetically oil and water.
It finally became intolerable, on THAT we agreed.

Jill Bolte Taylor writes about this unseen energy in her book
“My Stroke of Insight”.
She is a brain scientist that had a massive stroke and consciously experienced the 
left hemisphere of her brain go offline.
Without her left brain, she had no language, no recollection of her life, her education, even her family.

What she DID have was a very acute sense of energy, especially of the people around her, and how it affected her.
She could sense when someone entered the room, 
whether they cared about her, and felt compassion toward her,
which made her feel safe,
or whether they were distracted, impatient, or angry,
which felt awful to her.

Infants and animals are able to sense energy the same way.
Why do we grow up and disregard that?

It was a huge insight for her, and for me.
One of the most profound quotes from the book is:
“You are responsible for the energy that you bring”

I agree, and I would also add that you, as a conscious adult, 
you are responsible for the energy you immerse yourself in,
and the most reliable feedback is how it makes you feel.

I don’t mean the occasional yuck that comes up in long term relationships.
If love and compassion are present,
that can be worked thru and shifted.
I’m talking about relationships that have a continued soul sucking
effect on you.

You KNOW exactly what I’m talking about.
It is not subtle, 
and we’re all getting so sensitive it can feel intolerable.

Friendships, jobs, romantic relationships, even family.
Does it feel right?
Do I like them?

Be aware, be brave and stay strong!


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