December Shopping Maniac

December Shopping Maniac

December Shopping Maniac

I have a confession wrapped in a question.

Why does December turn into a shopping free for all for me?
As much as I tell myself to reign it in, 
I’m a loose cannon in the stores those 24 days.

I pride myself on frequenting the smaller shops and neighborhood 
boutiques, over the big chains.
Come on! ya gotta give me THAT!!

But I swear, my shopping style is like some twisted retail harvest!
Nothing left behind!
It’s like I give myself permission to cut loose because…
I HAVE to buy presents after all!
Everywhere I go, there’s great stuff…that I want…taunting me.
One for them, two for me. Two for them…more for me!

Notice I didn’t say I NEED the stuff.
I’m at least that self aware!
But there’s where it ends.

I have tens of ornaments on the tree and they all hold a memory (sigh).

I also have boxes of them that won’t fit.
Yet, if a shiny one catches my eye while I’m out and about,
like a magpie, I MUST have it!

I blame the carols.
I start playing them the day after Thanksgiving,
and they are like a drug that lulls me into a stupor as I mill about,
Egg nog latte in hand,
finding just the right gifts…and one for myself.
God! How many sequin scarves can one girl have!

During the year I’m a very focused consumer, 
only getting the birthday gift or wedding present I have on my list.
Then December rolls around and…list? What list?
It’s just a “guideline” anyway, right?…because who knew they made a candle
that smells like cucumber, grapefruit, Ponderosa?!
and it s only $60.
Sixty dollars for a candle!! When did that happen??
I would NEVER pay that for something that smells like that that I can’t eat!
Only in December! 

Please tell me I’m not alone…

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  • Eva Gaustad says:

    Ha! The candle you can’t eat. Priceless!!
    I’ve been there myself! Will keep this post in mind this his at season 🙂

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