Yes Is The New No

Yes Is The New No

Yes Is The New No

* all night I kept getting that I should re-post this.
It was originally posted 5/19/13.
It’s always a good reminder!
Yes is the new No
We are joking, but we want that statement 
to have some time inside your minds!

It is time to say yes to things you have a tendency to 
normally say NO to.
It is time to broaden your YES horizons!

The exercise will be this:
There are things you immediately say NO to.
Invitations you decline,
Food you won’t try,
Ideas you won’t try on,
Points of view you won’t listen to,
No, No, No, No No!
Your life is a litany of No’s!

This keeps you safe,
this keeps you healthy, so you think,
but…this keeps you inside the walls of your very small life.

We are asking you to S T. R. E. T. C. H…….
go beyond those pre set boundaries and borders you 
have designed for your lives.

Start this exercise by saying YES !
A lot!
When someone invites you to a party,
and your mind immediately says NO,
Become conscious of that, of the automatic 
“voice of reason” that keeps you small.
Overrule that ” auto kill-joy” mechanism that
you let run your lives!

Say YES to everything!
or at least to as much as you can at first 🙂
Try new foods,
order dessert!
wear the color green,
wear a hat,
say YES to some sassy high heels,
stay up past midnight,
Go on a blind date,
go on ANY date!
accept any and all social invitations.

It will be on the fringes of this new life that you create,
in the energy of YES, 
that you will find new joy.
You will meet new and interesting people,
and become a part of fun and exciting new adventures!
Trust us, NO is so 2012,
Yes is the new NO (wink)

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