VBA Award

VBA Award

VBA Award

My most sincere thanks to “lifebeyondmywindow.wordpress.com” for this recognition! It is so very nice to have been thought of by another as deserving of this award, and it is special to me, both as a blogger but mostly as a person! Sorry for the delay in this post as I didn’t know the rules in “bloggers ville”!

Now, according to the requirements for this nomination, I get to choose 15 other people for this award. Unfortunately I’m new to the blogosphere, so I can only recommend 10 at this time.
( hope I’m not the first person who gets their award revoked)!

So, without any further delay, here are the ten others I would like to share this VBA Award with:

1. Lifebeyondmywindow.wordpress.com

2. Thedailylove.com

3. Claytonpaul.wordpress.com

4. Naturespeaceandhope.wordpress.com

5. Perspectivesfromthesky.wordpress.com

6. Ladyromp.wordpress.com

7. TheBraveTraveler.wordpress.com

8. Thewannabesaint.com

9. Leafoffaith.wordpress.com

10. Thepublicblogger.com

Next, I must write seven things about myself, so here goes:

1. Even though I’m a blonde..I think my hair underneath is totally grey
2. I love chocolate cookie dough RAW!
3. I had red hair for 10 years
4. I can kick ass at jacks
5 My favorite movie is Out of Africa
6 I love science fiction
7 my dream is to get locked overnight in the Vatican library or Bergdorf Goodman

Again thank you so much Life Beyond my Window for this nomination. And happy blogging!


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