That Christmas Morning Feeling

That Christmas Morning Feeling

That Christmas Morning Feeling

I’m having that Christmas morning feeling lately.
Even if you don’t celebrate Chistmas, I’m sure you know what
I’m taking about.
It’s that delicious feeling of anticipation, butterflies and all, that you get
in the lead up, and almost unbearably the night before, 
but by early Christmas morning you’ve almost lost your mind, from excitement.
too much sugar, and lack of sleep.

I’m ridiculous, I know, but I still get that feeling every year despite my best intentions.
A cold and cynical Grinch I will never be.

It must just be in the air, because there’s really no excuse!
The actual day is almost 6 weeks away.
The real lead up is….well it did start the day after Halloween,
but I have yet to hear a carol, so it hasn’t started yet in my world.

This feeling is like the excitement I associate with Christmas, but I know this 
time it’s unrelated.
I’m filled with optimism of something wonderful about to happen.
Not sure of the logistics.
Just sure of the miracle.
Kinda like flying reindeer and a fat man squeezing down a chimney.

The Universe, or Source, or God, is up to something.
Doesn’t matter if we’ve been naughty or nice.

She’s hanging white twinkle lights and making everything feel special.
The future is wrapped up sweetly with a big bow.
Miracles are afoot
All bets are off
The jig is up.

Are you feeling it??


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