My List

My List

My List

Here are just a few of the things I’m grateful for,thankful for and appreciate!

My health 
My hubby (he’s a saint)
I’m at a quandary here, I don’t want to put my beloved dog before 
my husband, or after my family…she IS family, so..
My family (which includes my dog)
My amazing friends
My friend Eva’s inspirational recovery
The fact that I live in Los Angeles California, USA.
The fact that I can write this blog without fear of reprisals or repercussions (except maybe occasional embarrassment)
Chocolate ( I know it’s high on the list, don’t judge)!
Our motorcycle trips
The smell of Christmas trees
Laughing, love humor, love to laugh
Airplane travel, all travel really
Red nail polish, well…all nail polish
Mascara and lipstick while I’m at it ( still judging)?
Movies ( I love the surround sound and the big screen)
Rainy days
The color blue
Peanut butter (chunky of course)!
Lazy Sunday afternoons reading
My garden (nature in general)
White twinkle lights
The smell in the house on Thanksgiving!

Let me hear some of yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Reny Salamon says:

    Hi Janet, been away for a couple of days. Turned every thing off. Playing catch up with your gifts for us all. Love that this was on Thanksgiving. Here goes…
    I love my co partnership with the infinite wisdom of God and the Universe.
    I love that we are of Love. Ultimately
    I love my Son and the relationship we have and that we are here in this life time.
    I love my Milo for gently telling me that he was the dog I should have a relationship with.
    I love that there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.
    I love when my heart feels the deep connection with a person, people, all that is here in the physical and the non physical. I suppose, All that is…
    I love who I am.
    I love that you presented this opportunity for us to realize what we appreciate and love.
    You know I love you Janet:)

  • The professor feels you covered rather well! Happy Thanksgiving!

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