I Aspire

I Aspire

I Aspire

I have been a spiritual seeker since I was a teenager
I am also a spiritual coward.

Along the way I have attended many classes,
Heard hundreds of lectures,
Studied numerous religions,
Read more books than I can recall and 
Practiced yoga and meditation.

But I did it all covertly.
Like a double agent,
I had two identities.
One was as a 20th century woman in every sense of the word.
The other, a seeker with a ravenous appetite for 
for all things of a spiritual nature.

I have always kept the two things separate, lest
someone think I was one of those “woo woo weirdos”.
I kept the two sets of friends separate,
like I was ashamed of what I was doing,
Very concerned with what people would think of me.

Then I met Diana.
She is living this stuff…and she makes it look GOOD!
I found her as a yoga teacher in 1998 and was hooked on her 
great classes and her laugh, she’s always laughing!

We became good friends, and I watched as she has navigated both worlds with ease and grace.
Something I have not yet had the courage to do.

I use her as my personal template for what I aspire to be.
As I embark on this new path, embracing my inner writer,
and teacher, she has gently guided me from the sidelines,

I say my prayer every morning for courage.
That I will have the courage to one day fill out a form and 
put my occupation as spiritual author and teacher…and own it.
Oh yeah…I want to laugh more easily too!
Just like my beautiful Diana.



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