Full Circle Energy

Full Circle Energy

Full Circle Energy

This solar eclipse energy is such, that many of us are re visiting situations for balance and final closure.
The “scratch your head” part of this is,
these are situations that are YEARS old.
These felt like that had been “put to bed” a long time ago,
but just like the toddler who appears in the hallway for one more drink of water at bedtime, 
“They’re baaacck”.

These are full circle moments.

One friend had an old boyfriend call the other day after several years,
Another, some old legal matters came up again, and me,
As you may have guessed, mine is dealing with the demise of my store four years ago.
Processing, processing, processing!

This energy is about owning your own power
by first un burdening yourself of any secrets,
or unfinished emotional business.
Letting all your freak flags fly and just being authentic.
Telling your story AS IT IS,
Warts and all.

So here goes!
Here’s my full circle circumstance that happened this week.

In 2006 after I had quit my job, but before we had decided on a location for 
the store due to permit problems and delays, 
(which should have been my first sign to run for the hills)!
I got a tooth abscess.
Now I’ll tell you why this is an anomaly.
I’m anal about my teeth! No…that just doesn’t sound right!
But you get the gist.
I floss like I’m trying to start a fire, 
I brush whenever I can, 
I water pick,
Dental cleaning for me take 15 minutes, because plaque wouldn’t DARE
grow on these teeth!
I’m obsessed…maybe because my parents got me braces and I’m just so grateful.

Anyway, it was caused by a condition called resorption,
which is what makes the roots dissolve in baby teeth, so they fall out, 
but its rare in adults.
I had a molar that was convinced I was a six year old.

I had a root canal and a crown and yada, yada, yada.
But the molar next to it , in an act of solidarity for its friend, 
never let the gum between the two, where the abscess had been, close up.
No reason, just to mess with me.

So for the last 7 years I evaded infection, much to everyone’s surprise,
by being even more obsessed with that area,
shooting straight LISTERINE into it
Twice a day with the water pick.

Every checkup, my dentist would poke a sharp instrument in there to try and make it bleed, or just to see me jump, I’m nor sure.
And all was well…until last week.
Last week it became infected, and Thursday 
I had it pulled.
That’s a whole story in itself.
Note to self…get put to sleep next time.

Now, I’m a seeker,
I delve,
I ask questions of the Universe,
So I asked : what the hell is going on with this tooth?
And you know what I got?
“this is a physical manifestation of a full circle moment.”
“No more indecision”

So I looked up teeth in Louise Hay’s little blue book,
And here’s what it said:

Teeth represent decisions.
Problems with teeth: longstanding indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions.
As teeth are used to pulverize and pound food, teeth problems indicate difficulty pondering new information, ideas or situations. Hence, problems with the teeth indicate fear of making incorrect decisions. Remaining stuck.

And as we all know the last few weeks I’ve been yelling how I’m done with being stuck!!
How I’m striving to be more authentic by sharing my crazy journey in this blog.
So…there you go.

I’m sitting here with an ice pack on my cheek, marveling at 
God and her painful, yet powerful way of getting my attention,
And letting me know…. She heard me!
And I’m done!

Share your full circle moments!



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