A Problem, An Answer or A Desire?

A Problem, An Answer or A Desire?

A Problem, An Answer or A Desire?

Instead of a problem that needs a solution,
I’m changing my approach.

I now want to summon the Universe to help with 
A question that seeks an answer or
A desire to be fulfilled.
That is how I choose to steer my life!

Because really, doesn’t the Universe just need a break from all the heavy lifting?
It must get SO old always being called at the eleventh hour to put out my fires!
And don’t sit there in your smug and insinuate that I’m the only one!
Ha! You rapscallions!

You must agree that it is long past time to graduate from the status of 
Universal troublemakers, creating problems that propel us to move from point A to point B.

Instead, I’m leaning more toward Universal creator, 
Someone who comes up with a series of juicy “what if’s”? for the Universe to ponder.
The brushstrokes are broader,
There’s still forward movement,
Life’s much more interesting, 
Nixing the drama,
There’s a lot less crash and burn.

The ultimate will be Universal dreamer.
I’ll dial up a desire, and BAM!
Like a genie from the bottle,
The Universe appears!
My wish is their command!

As the process is refining itself, 
So am I.
Fewer nights of worry and woe,
Many more days of yeah!! and whoa!!


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