A Crisis of Faith

A Crisis of Faith

A Crisis of Faith

Bad things happen to good people.
Horrible, unimaginable, things.

Those experiences can either break us,
Or make us.

Often the first thing to affect us is a profound crisis of faith.
How can we operate in a world where chaos reigns,
Where prayers seemingly go unanswered,
and often, endings aren’t happily ever after.

Failure,adversity,devastation and loss
Kick our butts another rung up the ladder to the divine.
On the way up, we accumulate the experience, compassion and empathy to
Reach out our hand and pull the next person up the ladder.
I often feel like the elephant being pushed up the ladder by the Universe,
Maybe that’s just me…

I believe we CAN rebuild our foundation.
We CAN regain our faith.

It won’t be quick, and it won’t be easy.
We’ll have to dig deep, way below the surface, 
to find who we at our core.
To open the drawer, and find our big girl pants among all those “pull ups.”

Do you have strength?
The strength to conjure tenacity?
Can that tenacity fuel a vision?
and can that vision carry you forward into the grace 
of the Phoenix, reborn from the ashes?

I think you do!! I have hope that all of us have the innate ability to right our own ships. 

Adversity is the direct route to that deep reserve of strength and courage you didn’t even know existed !
Just think about that…
Contentment and happiness do not lead us there,
Playing it safe certainly will not .

Expansion of our spirit does not happen up in an ivory tower.
We have to get down and dirty,
Get into the street fight that life often feels like,
Living as if a richer, broader, more expansive life depended on it!
Because it does!

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