The Urge To Purge

The Urge To Purge

The Urge To Purge

Many of you are finding yourselves with the urge to purge!
What we mean by that is, you are thinning things out,
Getting rid of the superfluous things in your life.

This can be junk around the house.
A cluttered office or garage, that has sat that way for years,
suddenly becomes too much to tolerate any longer!
You are open to throwing away things that had “sentimental value”.
Somehow, they no longer have that hold on you.

It’s happening with people too.
And that’s okay.
You’re finding yourself being fine with the fact that you haven’t seen someone 
in ages.
You’re actually better than fine, you’re vaguely relieved.
The effort it takes to find commonality in your conversations,
seems like a waste of time.
We don’t mean that in a cruel way,
it’s just that time seems more precious,
and the people that you spend it with have to feel good.
No more going thru the motions just to be polite.

There is a benefit here.
As you set these old acquaintances aside, 
they will feel set free as well.
It takes a lot of energy to maintain a relationship that has run its course.
It is psychically exhausting.
If it fades away…let it.
Don’t feel guilty or obligated because of the past.
They will feel the closure. 

You will start to feel this urge to purge on a regular basis.
It is another part of this new energy.
Not everything will make the cut!
You are going to become VERY selective, 
and the things that do , will hold meaning and purpose.
They will make you feel good, not guilty.
It is about becoming lighter, and all this baggage will become too heavy
to carry thru these coming days.

Give into this urge to purge!
You cannot fly without it!

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