The Space Between

The Space Between

The Space Between

The space between each moment is filled with potential.
You look at this pause as empty, but it certainly is not!

The moment between awake and asleep is filled with possibilities.
That is where intention is set.

The breath before the kiss.
That is where love takes hold.

The breath before a single note is played, holds the promise of the 
entire symphony.

The space between lightening and thunder seems quiet,
yet the particles are dancing with electrical charges,
just about to clap.

At the starting gate, the moment before any race, 
There is a heightened awareness, every muscle in full
flex, the laser beam focus on the finish line.

The moment before the candles are blown out on each birthday cake,
There is the promise of a wish fulfilled.

Just before a baby takes its first breath and cries it’s first cry,
Eternity resides in that moment.

Space and silence are never empty.
They are ripe and resonate with the possibilities held in each moment.
If you can become conscious in that space,
You can steer the miracles that occur,
In the direction of your intentions.

Don’t ignore the space between,
Harness that energy 
and become the master of your life!

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