Sometimes you just don’t Know…and that’s Okay

Sometimes you just don’t Know…and that’s Okay

Sometimes you just don't Know...and that's Okay

Uncertainty and indecision are the two backseat drivers
in life that can really shake you to the core.

They keep you off balance enough that you find yourself walking
in circles, not sure which direction to take.

They keep you distracted by their very presence,
Their voices drowning out any voice of reason, and even the radio!

“Why don’t you know what to do next?” taunts uncertainty.
“Why such a hard time deciding?” scowls indecision.

We are here to tell you:
Sometimes you just don’t know….and that’s okay!

There are times in life, when you’re going to be standing at a crossroads,
checking in with your gut, asking “which way now”? And you’re going to hear



And you know what? That’s an answer!

When you check in, when you do all your due diligence,
and all you hear are the voices of those scoundrels 
Uncertainty and indecision,

Stand still
It’s going to be fine!

Those two cannot hold up to the scrutiny of courage and faith.
It takes courage to navigate uncertainty.
It take faith to conquer indecision.

They are not scoundrels after all, they are two very powerful
Once you make peace with that, you can kick them out of your backseat,
Let go of the wheel, 
turn up the radio, and know that all is well and the answers will come.

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