Significant Others

Significant Others

Significant Others

What does it take for someone to earn a place in your life?
Is the criteria complicated?
Are there invisible tests they must pass?
Or do all that apply get accepted?

Trust should be earned. Not given away for free.

People should be approached with an open heart,
but earning a permanent place there, should come with 
a few qualifications.

First and foremost, is the love and trust reciprocated?
It should never feel one sided.

Second, are secrets kept, and confidences held close?
You want to know that your most intimate thoughts and vulnerabilities
won’t be betrayed to others.

Third, are they dependable? Will they be there when you need them?
Will they drop everything in a crisis to be available to you?

If you can answer yes to all three of these questions, 
then and only then, should someone become significant in your circle.

You may even have a couple more criteria of your own that must be met,
But let these three questions be a true litmus test of who you hold 
close and who you keep as an acquaintance.

Not everyone EARNS a place of SIGNIFICANCE in your heart.

  • Awesome Picture!!! Very cool image and quote!

  • Love is written, talked about, in multitudinous ways. Taking center stage are God’s love and man’s love. Often depicted as being bestowed upon some, and held back from others. Requiring certain ceremonial acts, and/or having hidden conditions connected to that attainment. Even today’s dictionary defines love as: a strong affection or liking for someone or something; a passionate affection for someone, etc. And it is within this ideal of love, we are so mistaken, as to what real love, really is.
    Through lust and emptiness, one attempts to reinvent that which is so deep and unutterable. On the other hand, from a full heart, the unutterable is not only expressed… but recognized.
    Where the presence of love is, it can be seen and felt as all encompassing, rather than self gratifying. Its bigger, deeper and wider than many of the usual ways of showing it, and have for too long been mistaken as tokens of it.
    Real love is beneficial in itself, and needs nothing else to be complete. From the vantage point of subjectivity, however, love has limits, strings attached, and gain.
    Differentiating real love from self love, it becomes obvious as to which one is engaged simply by noticing who benefits from it, and how. To benefit is suppose to mean something good, but when it comes from the body’s desires and cravings, even the word good is suspect to scrutiny. In order to benefit and do good, the act has to be of a virtuous nature, which always includes others than just myself, and not only for the present, but long term too.
    The mechanics of love, are not easy to grasp when the mode of observation is small and transitory. Love depends on nothing, is a compilation of everything, and naturally gravitates outward… straight from the heart.

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