Just a reminder here, that all the aches and pains,
and cold and flu symptoms are part of a recalibration.

After big waves of energy come in, they rearrange everything,
the cells of every living thing are shifted,and shuffled.

This is all for the better, but often your bodies need some time to catch up.
That is why you feel so tired, achy and cranky.
It makes you seek solitude and rest, lots of rest.

As these cells recalibrate, they actually vibrate faster, shaking off a 
layer of density, of unwanted, un needed layers of “muck”.
As this “energetic muck” is released, your body responds.

If it chooses to leave quickly, it looks like vomiting and diarrhea.
Chills and sweating. Like the “flu”
So don’t freak out, and don’t yell NO at it!
The more you resist and yell NO, the longer it will take to pass,
And it will pass, so better to just relax into it.

For many of you it presents as a sore throat, and running nose.
Like a “cold”.
Again, it is your body catching up with this new higher energy, 
so now that you remember that, you will just take it easy, and let it pass.

We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we can hear you complaining,
So here’s our gentle reminder 😉

If you want more of a reminder re read “Recalibration” from earlier this year.

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