Gaining Momentum

Gaining Momentum

Gaining Momentum

It is very important that you are impeccable with your thoughts.
They are the propulsion behind the trajectory of your life.

If you are sloppy, your life will reflect that.
The same applies if you are fearful or timid.
It will feel as if you’re living a half life.

What you want to watch out for, are the thoughts that 
are self sabotaging.
They slow down your momentum.
Momentum is what you’re after these days.

Keep your thoughts focused on your desires,
with the finish line in your sights.
Paying very close attention to how you feel.
Do you go through most of your day feeling
empowered? Or defeated?
Do you feel as if the Universe works with you?
Or against you?
Do your desires seem attainable to you?
What is the first step in that direction?

The energy these days can really amp up the momentum behind
your desires.
It can act like a slingshot, helping you to reach maximum velocity.
All you have to do is monitor your thoughts and feelings.
Are you adding to that momentum, because
Negativity and self doubt acts like drag, it slows things down.

When you wonder why things are taking so long to manifest,
look no further than your own energy, your own thoughts,
then take some time to become impeccable.


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