Find Your Piece of the Puzzle

Find Your Piece of the Puzzle

Find Your Piece of the Puzzle

You came here to add your special “something” to the mix.
Your job is to find out what that is,
And do it!

You are one piece of a giant cosmic puzzle,
And you cannot be left out or the puzzle will be incomplete.

What do you bring to this world?
Is it your sense of humor?
Is it your ability to be kind?
Your gift with words?
The way your smile makes people feel?

You know deep down what it is you do better than anyone else.
You do!
It is the thing that makes you happy,
That makes your heart sing.

Can you tell a story better than anyone you know?
Are you fabulous with children?
Or animals?
Do you have a green thumb, where plants just love you?
Do you have a facility with language?
Beautiful handwriting?
Can you make a dress without a pattern?
Cook like a chef?
Repair almost anything with ease?
Sing with perfect pitch?
Remember people’s names?
Do you have a keen sense of direction?
Are you a whizz with numbers?
How about computers? Do you just love them?
Are you a natural born leader?
A gifted speaker?
Do you love to paint?

Are you an “uplifter”? Where you just make people feel good?
Are you funny?
Do you love to read? To exercise? 
Do you love to walk in nature?

Are you getting this?
It is the very thing you love, that you’re good at,
That is the gift you bring the planet.
Don’t get so bogged down with “life”
That you overlook or bury these treasures.
They may seem small and insignificant to you,
But they are the missing pieces to a very important puzzle,
And are needed now, more than ever!


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