Family Ties That bind

Family Ties That bind

Family Ties That bind

Good Morning!

So many of you are living in emotional pain and anxiety
because you are trying to maintain a toxic family relationship.
And many of these are very one sided, YOU are the only one trying.

It is true that blood is thicker than water, but the blood that runs thru your veins
gives you life.
so does water.
Now water can also destroy. 
So can blood.
Just because someone is blood related does not give them the license
to destroy you.
To berate you,
To physically or emotionally hurt you,
To undermine you,
To withhold love intentionally.

A lot of you give them a pass.
Because they are family, they feel they have your undying allegiance,
And with that trust they manipulate you and cause you pain.
THAT is not love.

Whether it is your mom or dad, sister or brother, you must end that allegiance
when there is a lack of love and acceptance.
You all have harsh judges in your lives, they should not be your family.
Because if that happens as you grow and mature, 
and you feel you can never do or be enough, 
that translates into adulthood as self doubt, 
self loathing, 
constant feelings of inadequacy 
and total lack of self confidence.

We are advocating love and acceptance of these family members for who they are.
They may never change.
You may even find it in your heart to forgive.
But you must not tether your heart to people who do not deserve
that trust.

Chasing after the love of a parent will translate into a lifetime of chasing love.

You are better than that!
Your heart is precious and should be cherished.
Please know that, and honor yourself to the extent that 
You can step out of a hurtful family situation.

They are blood, but they are not your real family.
Your real family will uplift you,
They will love you even if you stumble.
They do not seek to humiliate or bully you.
They practice unconditional love.
Find THOSE people, and make THEM your family!


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