Epic Fail or Epic Win Part IV

Epic Fail or Epic Win Part IV

Epic Fail or Epic Win Part IV

Let’s get to the Win! Right?!
I’m gonna tie it all up now in a nice neat bow.
Readers digest version.
Get the Kleenex.
Just kidding!

I sued and was sued every which way you can imagine.
And it is really not my nature!
I’m not the litigious type.
I’m the artsy fartsy type.
I’m a lover not a fighter.
I was a fish out of water…swimming with sharks.
I found myself wanting to blurt out in one of the numerous depositions,
“Can’t we all just get along”?

Some of the people that worked with me were great.
Gary and his company were great.
Others were not.
Let’s just leave it at that.
You know who you are.

There were no more miracles.
God had shown off early in the game,
With two back to back.
I was lucky to have those!
But the quota had been met, and now
She was uncharacteristically quiet.
She must have been working on more important matters,
Like world peace.

So I prayed for an answer.
Why me?
I prayed for relief.
There was none.
I felt ignored and alone.
When I felt emotion at all,
I felt rage. 
Now I realize she WAS there, she just wanted me to go inside.
To pull up my big girl pants, and find my own courage there.

After three years I eventually recouped 80% of the COST of my merchandise
And the lawyers took 40% of that.

I owe everybody In the world money, and I’m slowly paying them off.
I probably owe you some money…get in line!

I’m normally an optimistic, happy person.
My sister used to ask me “who blew sunshine up my ass”.
This had turned me into a sad sack.
I became super serious, with absolutely no sense of humor,
(Which really COULD have saved me)
I had absolutely NO coping skills whatsoever!

Some people handle adversity with strength ,wisdom and grace.
That was NOT me.
I wanted to go live under a bridge with the trolls.
I hated answering the phone or looking at mail,
It always seemed to be bad news.

But…I’m SO lucky!
I always had a roof over my head and plenty of chocolate to eat.

My husband never left me, which was a miracle, given my disposition
And the fact that 2009 sucked for his profession, construction, as well.
We made it through with our deep abiding love.
Oh come on! let’s get real! 
That and copious amounts of wine!

My friends and family have also been there for me, helping me feel
like I wasn’t a total deadbeat.
“Look, You took a shot at your dream” they said.
Secretly happy they still had their day jobs.

The bottom line is this:
I know things always work out for me.
I WILL pull a rabbit out of my hat!
This transition feels big, and beautiful and perfect.
So I’m now looking forward to the next chapter,
And I’m starting to believe that the best times of my life are ahead of me.

I’d say that’s an Epic Win!

Xox Janet


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